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SAXX Stache Boxer Briefs = Awesome + A Good Cause

Have you noticed any extra stubble on your friends face’s lately? They are probably getting ready for Movember. Yeah, time flies, doesn’t it? Well, SAXX is also getting a jump start to the month with their announcement of joining the Movember Foundation in a collaborative effort to spread the word about men’s health. And what […]

Trinity Hyperion – It’s Amazing What $39 Can Buy

A price point of $39 doesn’t buy you too much these days. Maybe a pair of underwear, movie, mediocre dinner for two. However, Trinity Audio has been trying to convince the world that when it comes to premium audio – we’ve all been paying too much. The earbuds we’re reviewing today are the Trinity Hyperion. […]

7 Best Celebrity Halloween Hair Styles for Men

Don Draper, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Jon Snow… If you really want to look like a celebrity, you’ve got to have the hair. And a huge amount of bonus points goes to the guy who can use his ‘own hair,’ rather than rely on one of those cheesy wigs they sell at those Halloween costume shops. […]

Anthony Sullivan on Pitching Yourself to a First Date and Becoming a Better Man

Anthony (Sully) Sullivan is a man who can pitch just about anything and make it sound good. And today we’re here to talk about one of the most important pitches a man will ever need to make: The pitch for himself. Whether you’re on a job interview or a first date, the impression you leave […]

4 Career Challenges You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of

Every person will face numerous challenges during his or her professional career. You could either see these challenges as hurdles to conquer – or problems to shy away from. Deciding to work through these challenges, rather than backing away from them out of fear, will help you meet your personal and financial goals. Here are four of […]

SVELTE By Sully – A Month’s Worth of Workouts in a Single UnderShirt

I’m not about to tell you to slather on the potato chips and television in exchange for an undershirt. But sometimes life gets a little hectic, the daily workouts slip to weekly (then monthly) and before you know it – you’ve packed on 10 extra pounds. And you know what really sucks about that? Even […]

2015 Emma Crawford Coffin Races in Manitou Springs, CO

The Emma Crawford Coffin Races at Manitou Springs, CO are a Halloween tribute to the late Emma Crawford who died of tuberculosis before her wedding bells could ring back in 1880. However, this was not before she had requested to her fiancee to bury her on top of Red Mountain if she should pass away […]

Skylink SK-200 – Smart Home Security in One Box

Skylink has been designing home security kits in a box for several years. In fact, I personally own one of their older models (the SC-1000) that I purchased back in 2009. And you know what? I still use it and have no complaints. I don’t live in the worst neighborhood by any means, but it […]

Stylish Fall/Winter 2015 Boasts Furs, Neo-Seventies and Bordeaux

Summer’s all gone and while you may be missing the warm sun on your back, let’s face it: you’re quite enthusiastic about this fall season’s trends. So don’t let the harsher weather bring you down, but rather turn your attention to the major trends for the Fall/Winter 2015 season and incorporate those elements into your […]

Lock and Key: The Latest Bug Fixes and Updates for the iPhone

Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 9 has been lauded for its stability and security. Where past iterations have left some users with the distinct feeling of “update guilt” the latest version has proven to work incredibly well out of the gate. Unlike with last years’ shaky iOS 8 release, there aren’t any app breaking […]