Stormi Michelle on Men, Turn Ons and Being the Girl Next Door

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We have a crush on the girl next door, Stormi Michelle. We’ve seen her in the backyard tending to her daisy’s in a bikini. We’ve noticed her getting the morning paper in a white negligee and black stockings, and have caught her running through our sprinklers in a white tank top after her morning jog.

And then we decided to quit daydreaming all these fake scenarios at work, and pick up the phone and ask her on a real date. She agreed to a interview, and we said, We’ll take it:

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Urbasm: Hi Stormi, What do you have going on for the new year?

Stormi Michelle: Right now I am waiting on the release of two magazines coming out in February, where I am the cover model as well as the main feature. DreamVixen Magazine will feature a 10-page exclusive spread as well as interview questions. Also I will be on the cover for Quest Magazine’s major cities—Houston, Miami, and Las Vegas.

Urbasm: That sounds like a great start to the year. What do you think has been the key to your success?

SM: The key to my personal success has been to keep myself humble and positive no matter the situation I’m in. Ive found that in this industry there are so many wolves waiting to feed off of anything negative that you put out into the world.

Urbasm: Do you think success is more about who you know, or how well you know yourself?

SM: I think success does have a lot to do with who you know. There are thousands of models, and just because one might be more successful than the next doesn’t necessarily mean that she is prettier or anything. It’s simply based off of her own personal connections.

Urbasm: What would you say are the top three things on your bucket list right now?

SM: Defiantly going to the IBMS (International Bikini Model Search). I would like to get toned and compete in Swimsuit International, and go to Paris to shop.

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Urbasm: What is something about you that most people may not realize?

SM: I’m actually very down to Earth, with a typical girl next door attitude. I get along with people from all ethnic backgrounds, and all walks of life. If you like to laugh and have a good time; more than likely I’ll hand you a beer and we will cut up like we have know each other for years.

Urbasm: What kinds of topics do you find sexy when talking to a man for the first time?

SM: A man with any degree of intellect is sexy. In today’s society so many people are so uneducated that it’s rare to find a man with any type of intellect at all. But for me my personal turn on is definitely a man’s charisma and wit. Charisma and wit will get you farther in life than any college degree will.

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Urbasm: Speaking of life’s teachings, we’ve been told that men could use some guidance to become more balanced. What do you think all men can learn from women?

SM: I think men are impulsive in their thoughts and decisions and sometimes act and react irrationally. A female has the ability to think situations through and act accordingly.

Urbasm: If you were thinking about a particular outfit in your closet that makes you feel sexy, what would it be?

SM: I don’t have one particular outfit that makes me feel sexy. I feel sexy in the skin I’m in. Most of the time when I do decide to go out it is a spur of the moment idea and dressing up is never a priority. My favorite thing to wear out would most definitely be sweats and a tank top. I would rather go out and be comfortable than fashionable any day.

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Urbasm: Have you ever been a wing woman for a friend?

SM: For sure, I am usually my friends designated wing woman (laughs).

Urbasm: How does that usually go for you; or we should rather say, for them?

SM: Everything usually seems to go good for the most part; but after I walk away, I never know the things that will come out of my friends mouth.

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Urbasm: Well, perhaps you can give us a few wing tips. What are the three things that every guy should know about women, according to Stormi?

SM: Being an asshole is not attractive; try opening a few doors.

Urbasm: We always do.

SM: No matter what you look like; if you are insecure, no woman will ever think you are sexy. And stop trying to pull girls off the Internet.

Urbasm: Yeah, I guess we did find you on the Internet, but it was well worth it. Thank you again Stormi.

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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.