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What Not To Do:

Send an email saying you want to submit a guest post, and that’s it.
If you’re going to contact us about that, pitch ideas.
Without them, your email is deleted.
Also, get to know the site so your ideas might be a fit for our audience.

Read the following to help your chances of a submission being accepted.

  • All guest posts must be original content.
  • It’s well written and a suitable fit for this website.
  • Please include URLs of online examples with your inquiry to demonstrate your writing style.
You really should include story ideas and examples of your writing style (2-3). 
Otherwise your email will most likely be ignored. 

What Should I Write About?

Fitness? Relationship? Men’s Style? Current Issues?

  • The best place to start is by looking at the website.
  • We are interested in topics that fit with Urbasm. Please see the site for a proper fit, then pitch your idea or submit an article.
  • We prefer submissions to be at least 600 words or more, but it’s not a hard rule and depends on submission. 2,000 max.
  • Be sure your submission is proofread first and is in fact the final version.
  • Any articles submitted to Urbasm should not be submitted anywhere else for a period of 30 days.

By submitting an article, you grant non-exclusive worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully sub-licensable license(s) to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, publicly perform and publicly display your post (in whole or in part) and to incorporate into other works in any format or medium now known or later developed.

Ready to Get Started? 

Now that you’ve read the above, visit our contact page to send us your pitch. If it’s a fit, we’ll likely be interested and get back to you.

If we do not get back to you after a couple weeks, it probably means we were not interested. Nothing personal.

We prefer you to pitch a story with details on the direction and a clear explanation of the topic, what it will address, points made, and how it would benefit the reader.

The goal of the submission is to provide value to the reader, possibly entertain, maybe both.

Once again, please include URLs to online examples so we can see your writing style.

The pitch (or complete article) should be provided as a link to a google doc for us to review.

We will get back to you asap if interested. Typical response time is usually 1-2 weeks.

Product Reviews

If you are looking to promote your product, find out more about our reviews. If you are interested in having us write a product review, use the contact page. These are paid reviews, contact us for more info. We’ve provided for well-known brands along with SMB’s, and offer reasonable rates.

Note these are honest reviews. You can pay to have us take the time to review, but this is not an advertorial. We often require the actual product to evaluate. Products will only be sent back if you provide return shipping.


Do not include affiliate links. If you think you are going to sneak one past us for link building purposes, not gonna happen. You will have better luck with sponsored posts.

Sponsored Posts

If interested in sponsored posts, visit our contact page and tell us what you have in mind. We don’t accept every offer, but willing to discuss.