Grindhouse – The Art of Urban Street Denim

Making a strong urban fashion statement as a man is never inexpensive. A Sunspel polo will cost you over $100. A pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers… $90. Artisan street jeans – well, those are averaging at anywhere from $200 to $350, depending on the brand. And while we have no problem spending extra […]

2015 Fall/Winter Essentials – Denim, Wool, Leather and a Bomberg Watch

Shreds, patches, texture and lots of attitude – that is what the Fall/Winter of 2015 is all about in our opinion – and the opinions of several rocking manufacturers we’d like to introduce you to. Dirty Denim When you don’t have to wear your wool dress slacks, most men prefer the relaxed feel of a […]

Stylish Fall/Winter 2015 Boasts Furs, Neo-Seventies and Bordeaux

Summer’s all gone and while you may be missing the warm sun on your back, let’s face it: you’re quite enthusiastic about this fall season’s trends. So don’t let the harsher weather bring you down, but rather turn your attention to the major trends for the Fall/Winter 2015 season and incorporate those elements into your […]

Men’s Mesh Fashion – Stay Cool Without Losing Your Cool

This isn’t your 80s cousin’s kind of mesh/perforated shirt we’re talking about. Last summer Fashion Beans said that it was the year for progressive mesh styles. This summer appears to be a bit of a less progressive look with more of a subtle, practical fit and feel with a chilly aftertaste. In other words, it is […]

The Ultimate Men’s Hair Style – Get the Look and American Crew Giveaway

You’ve got the shoes, the suit, the right amount of eye contact… But what about ‘the hair’? Wouldn’t it be great if a great hair style were as simple as following a simple recipe? Well, it kind of is… Our friends at American Crew have gone through the exhaustive process of searching the world for […]

3 Emerging Fashion Trends in Men’s Eyewear

Men’s glasses have always tended to be; well, pretty boring. While we always love a classic black frame or a simple pair of metal rims, who says girls have to have all the fun? In the last few years, men’s eyewear has gone fashion-forward in a big way, and there are a lot of great […]