Urbasm & Old Spice $50 Swagger Gel Giveaway

Old Spice recently released their ultimate swagger hair gel for men (read our full review here). But there may have been some confusion. Old Spice is not saying that you don’t have enough swagger. It is simply reminding us that you can never have enough. And just what is it, exactly? Well, Old Spice would […]

Urbasm & Old Spice $100 Holiday Gift Pack Giveaway

Old Spice is releasing its annual holiday gift package, which takes from some of the best products in their fuller line up of antiperspirants, deodorants, body washes, body sprays, shampoos, hair stylers, electric razors, shave gels, aftershaves, and colognes. This year the package is valued at $100 and comes with a $50 StubHub Gift Card […]

American Crew Father’s Day Gift Set Giveaway

What could you possibly give the man who brought you life? Well, you can show him that you did not squelch on all his advice and lessons on life by participating in our giveaway. No seriously – here is the opportunity for you to prove that you understand that ‘he who hesitates‘ is definitely not you. […]

Old Spice “Hardest Working” Giveaway

Urbasm is giving a way a Toolkit sponsored by Old Spice! Enter for your chance to win a fully stocked kit to keep you smelling fresh even while working your hardest. The deodorant trophy is especially amazing – nothing says “champion” quite like having your deodorant attached to a trophy mount. Who wouldn’t want to […]

Mens Watch Giveaway – The Bold and the Bulova

Every man deserves to start to the New Year with the time to make all his renewed pledges come true. And we, along with our friends at WatchCo.com, Barrington and Male Standard would like to give one lucky man that kind of start with a classic black dial Bulova automatic watch. And to offer even more ‘time’ […]

American Crew’s 67th EMMY Ballots Giveaway

The Emmy awards will be unleashing on your HDTV on September 20, 2015, and before the final ballots are drawn, our friends at American Crew would like to take a tally on which show you think deserves to be honored with the “Best of Hair” EMMY award. And for your trouble, we’ll be giving away […]

Suspenders – Wearable Tech for the Modern Man (and Giveaway)

Your granddaddy was way ahead of his time. Well—as long as he wore suspenders, that is. In fact, we’re about to argue that suspenders are as valuable today as any of the wearable tech you are currently using. Why do we love suspenders so much? Let us count the ways: 1. Instant Masculinity We’re trying […]

The Ultimate Men’s Hair Style – Get the Look and American Crew Giveaway

You’ve got the shoes, the suit, the right amount of eye contact… But what about ‘the hair’? Wouldn’t it be great if a great hair style were as simple as following a simple recipe? Well, it kind of is… Our friends at American Crew have gone through the exhaustive process of searching the world for […]

Tile Item Finder: Go Ahead and Lose it – They Dare You

Tile is one of the new and innovative ways to keep track of all your important stuff. You know, the stuff you take around with you everywhere you go, which makes it even more likely to lose. And it helps you keep track of the stuff that you share with other people. This makes all […]

Old Spice Fresher Collection Gift Kit Giveaway

Update: Congratulations to our winner, Chad Kennerk. Thank you to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more giveaways to come! Men, when was the last time you took your lady on a scent vacation? She can choose between five destinations, including Denali, Fiji, Timber, Amber and Citron—And the good news is… they will all […]