Very Best Travel Apps for iOS and Android

Humans were built to explore, and considering that we have been practicing since the dawn of man, we have become pretty good at it. As a result, we are fantastic foragers – especially when the food is set out buffet style. We can travel over long distances for days on end – especially when the […]

What Tech Has In Store For Us

The latest tech provides a number of conveniences, with some having an impact on our lives in unknown ways.   This dual-screen foldable smartphone (ZTE Axon M) creates a larger combined screen, and might be the next generation of flip phones.   About the size of a Roomba, the new Samsung 360 Round camera is for VR content creation and […]

Shaving Is Getting High Tech, and We’re Not Just Talking Razors

Gillette recently contacted Urbasm to test out some of their upcoming shaving innovations.  Putting aside my utter hatred for the Pats, I asked my editor Eric to put me in touch with them. When I opened the kit they sent, I found instructions to download an app entitled ShaveMetrics that synched with the razor provided.  […]

Smartphone Goes Camping

Smartphones have become essential tools for many people. In fact, 84 percent of smartphone users say they couldn’t go a single day without their devices. Many people wouldn’t even leave their smartphones at home during vacations or camping trips. This dependency may sound unhealthy at first, but mobile devices have become essential because they fill […]

Tile Item Finder: Go Ahead and Lose it – They Dare You

Tile is one of the new and innovative ways to keep track of all your important stuff. You know, the stuff you take around with you everywhere you go, which makes it even more likely to lose. And it helps you keep track of the stuff that you share with other people. This makes all […]

When Technology Collides – Tesla Hooks Up With Apple

Tesla and Apple have climbed into bed, and the result is a very useful app for the Tesla Model S and Apple Watch owner. The app can be used to help you locate your car in a busy garage, lock and unlock the doors, switch on the headlights, and control the various temperature zones in the […]

9 Cool Car Apps You Should Know

There is a cool app for just about anything you appreciate in life. But when it comes to your car fetishes, there are a handful of truly awesome apps that we wouldn’t leave home without. Curious what you might be missing out on? We were too:   TripREC- Dash Cam You know those cool videos […]

Jookbox – Allows Everyone to be the DJ

A socially curated party play mix used to consist of people hauling their giant CD books around to parties. And then MP3’s came into play and made the process a bit more convenient (at least for the biceps). Today, we are about to introduce you to the next realm of social party play, called the […]

When at a Loss for Words – Get Your Qwyrk On

Messaging each other with words of wisdom and inspiration is what social media is all about (at least a portion of it). But how many ways can you say, congratulations, good job, or “win one for the zipper”, before it starts to lose some of its original expression and intent? At one time, emoticons were […]

Top 7 Gadgets You Can Control With Your Phone

  The title of this piece was originally going to be something like, “What your gadgets really say about you.” I was going to talk about how some people have become so reliant on their devices that they have them with them almost every second of the day, including in bed while they sleep. Let’s […]