Writing Instruments (Pens) Worthy of a Man’s Legacy

As men, we love gadgets. It is what we do, and it is also an important part of our heritage. We love classic examples of innovation because it is these tools that helped foster invention, exploration, and travel. They are reminders of what a man is capable of, where he has been and still has to go. One of […]

Everyday Essentials – Light Phone

About the size of a credit card, and just a bit thicker, the Light Phone would make it easy to forget you have a phone, until you need it. Ready right out of the box, it comes with its own SIM as an unlocked 2G GSM phone with  three free months of service, and $5 a month after […]

Tactical Beverage Defender

The need to worry about losing your beverage to a “friend” that claims they didn’t realize it’s yours is a thing of the past. With the Nite Ops Can Cooler with LED Light, you can protect your beverage from such threats, along with others like rogue condensation and being knocked over in a dark campsite or similar […]

When Technology Collides – Tesla Hooks Up With Apple

Tesla and Apple have climbed into bed, and the result is a very useful app for the Tesla Model S and Apple Watch owner. The app can be used to help you locate your car in a busy garage, lock and unlock the doors, switch on the headlights, and control the various temperature zones in the […]

Luxury Mobile – A New Standard

The mobile phone has taken on a lot of roles over the past couple years, including a workout partner, date maker (and breaker), and today it will also be known as a luxury fashion accessory. Tonino Lamborghini has unveiled its newest stainless steel phone endowed with real leather, damage resistant Gorilla glass, and a (qHD) […]

Arnette Skylight Winter Goggles

I’m not a brand snob, but I do tend to gravitate towards a name that has done me right in the past. A few weeks ago I wrote about the Arnette Dropout sunglasses, of which has quickly become my go-to pair for everything from driving, hiking, to accentuating my style. So, as soon as the white stuff started […]