Cool Tech You Should Know

You claim that you own the latest iPhone, wearable tech and can practically Tinder with both hands tied behind your back. However, unless you’re also savvy to these 14 awesome tech bites – you are missing out on what we consider some of the best “life tools” available today. Take a deep breath, as your existence […]

7 Cool Apps You Should Know

With all the apps that come out daily; it’s not easy to keep up. Considering this, we thought we’d share a few of the more notable (worthy) ones we’ve come across.   Next Glass Simply enter beers or wines you’ve tried and Next Glass recommends some you might like. iOS Android   Humin Provides a smarter phone […]

Luxury Mobile – A New Standard

The mobile phone has taken on a lot of roles over the past couple years, including a workout partner, date maker (and breaker), and today it will also be known as a luxury fashion accessory. Tonino Lamborghini has unveiled its newest stainless steel phone endowed with real leather, damage resistant Gorilla glass, and a (qHD) […]

Remember the Blackberry? It’s Back!

In case you may have misplaced their name and number in your iPhone or Android, Blackberry is still around, and the CMO, Frank Boulben, continues to promise the release of six new Blackberry L-series devices before the end of the new year. We don’t know quite what to expect of RIM’s new software, but we […]

Cool Mobile Gadgets

If there is one device that’s changed the course of humanity, it would have to be the mobile phone. It’s with us practically everywhere we go, and for some that includes the ‘facilities’. Now with the power of a small personal computer, smart phones not only keep us connected, they also keep us in the […]