Cool Tech You Should Know

Close Up Of Man Reading Shopping List From Mobile Phone In Supermarket

You claim that you own the latest iPhone, wearable tech and can practically Tinder with both hands tied behind your back. However, unless you’re also savvy to these 14 awesome tech bites – you are missing out on what we consider some of the best “life tools” available today.

Take a deep breath, as your existence is about to get a lot easier:

GetAround – Borrow a car or make extra money. GetAround is like an AirBnB for cars.

SkipLagged – You could save $200 on a one-way flight. Interested? Yeah, we were too.

Jet – A shopping club that claims they will rival the best of them (coming soon).

Curbside – As the name suggests, you can pickup items purchased at the curb.

Alfred – Helpful service where they run errands that frees up your time.

Humin – Captures and remembers your contacts the way you think.

8tracks – Internet radio by the people, for the people.

Calm – Take a 2-minute break in your day.

Nuzzle – A quick n simple social news reader.

Baro – As they say, why buy when you can Baro?

Blue Apron – Fresh ingredients and recipes delivered to your door.

TZOA – Measure air quality, UV and more with their wearable enviro tracker.

Yo – Not for the faint of heart. But not really – Just Yo it.

Brewbot – Brewing your own ale has never been easier.


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