Writing Instruments (Pens) Worthy of a Man’s Legacy

As men, we love gadgets. It is what we do, and it is also an important part of our heritage.

We love classic examples of innovation because it is these tools that helped foster invention, exploration, and travel. They are reminders of what a man is capable of, where he has been and still has to go. One of the simplest, yet complex examples of this never-ending quest is the humble pen. It is the preferred method of building a legacy, a warrior’s greatest weapon, and the conclusion to practically every great moment in history.

And if you were to become a key catalyst in the next greatest moment, these are the five pens that would most likely see you through to the end.



Cross Edge –

Click and slide is the motion, smooth and easy is the execution. The Cross Edge pen is one of the finest rollerball pens made today.

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Pilot Metropolitan –

The classic fountain pen has a lot of advantages, including a metal body, balanced weight, and large ink reservoir. The Pilot Metropolitan is precise, versatile, and incredibly affordable.

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Waterman Charleston –

Lewis Edison Waterman was the inventor of the first reliable fountain pen. A pen that did not leak, dry out or leave behind smudges. And that promise still holds true today.

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Mont Blanc M Collection –

Germany does a number of things to epic proportions, including Wienerschnitzel, beer, and pens. The Mont Blanc M is smooth, polished, and balanced to the point of featuring magnets to keep the barrel in perfect unison to its cap. Designer, Mark Newson ensured this pen would become a classic, and as you can see – this man does not voice a promise he can’t keep.

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Uzi Tactical Pen –

The name “Uzi” comes with a lot of great expectation, and while a lot of these tactical pens fail to deliver, this Uzi is right on the mark. It features a glass crashing aluminum tip, skull bashing high strength aluminum body, and a lightweight silhouette to make sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s with ease. It also comes with a hidden handcuff key in case you’re ever taken captive, and that is a nifty advantage we hope you’ll never need.

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