Breathe New Life Into Your Speakers with a Rocki WiFi Media Player

Good things do occasionally come in interesting packages, and the Rocki wifi streaming media player is one of them. It is about the length of a credit card, maybe just a bit thicker than the key remote on your vehicle, and looks like a figure from your 8th grade Geometry class. It also comes with […]

Pizza Compass App is Worthy of Your Hunger

The last we counted, Apple had over 1 million apps for your smartphone, including ones that simulate a compass, and others that are designed to help you find food. However, little good any of these will do when you’re in serious need for a slice of cheesy baked goodness. Introducing the Pizza Compass app, whose […]

The Must Have App For Men Everywhere

Ever experience the mind numbing prattle of your woman going on about something? Of course you have; we’ve all been there. Don’t you wish their was a remote to take control? Finally, the new YammerJammer app can take care of that. Using a similar technology as you would find in noise cancellation headphones, the application emits […]