9 Cool Car Apps You Should Know

There is a cool app for just about anything you appreciate in life. But when it comes to your car fetishes, there are a handful of truly awesome apps that we wouldn’t leave home without. Curious what you might be missing out on? We were too:   TripREC- Dash Cam You know those cool videos […]

Jookbox – Allows Everyone to be the DJ

A socially curated party play mix used to consist of people hauling their giant CD books around to parties. And then MP3’s came into play and made the process a bit more convenient (at least for the biceps). Today, we are about to introduce you to the next realm of social party play, called the […]

When at a Loss for Words – Get Your Qwyrk On

Messaging each other with words of wisdom and inspiration is what social media is all about (at least a portion of it). But how many ways can you say, congratulations, good job, or “win one for the zipper”, before it starts to lose some of its original expression and intent? At one time, emoticons were […]

Top 7 Gadgets You Can Control With Your Phone

  The title of this piece was originally going to be something like, “What your gadgets really say about you.” I was going to talk about how some people have become so reliant on their devices that they have them with them almost every second of the day, including in bed while they sleep. Let’s […]

Pizza Compass App is Worthy of Your Hunger

The last we counted, Apple had over 1 million apps for your smartphone, including ones that simulate a compass, and others that are designed to help you find food. However, little good any of these will do when you’re in serious need for a slice of cheesy baked goodness. Introducing the Pizza Compass app, whose […]

iPhone Tech – Wake Up And Smell The Bacon

Every award winning day should begin with the heavy aroma of sizzling bacon. If your mornings don’t all start this way, Oscar Mayer has an app (and a gadget) for that. It’s called Wake Up And Smell The Bacon, and it does just that–releases the scent of premium cooked bacon with the tone of your alarm […]

Bacon Lovers Love The Better Bacon Book App

We love Bacon, there’s no doubt about that. This is why we went nuts (I mean, bacon bits) when we learned there was an app out just for us guys (and girls) called the Better Bacon Book. It has been designed especially for use with your iPad device, and offers great photos, HD videos, tips […]

No Wallet – No Problem with the Square Wallet App

Ditching your wallet on the go can be easy with the Square Wallet App. Allow us to show you. Step One: Download the free app, then link your credit cards with the software, and download a recent photo of yourself. Step Two: Visit a participating brick and mortar store, and open the app to check-in. […]

Pressy Perfects Your Smartphones Android OS

Imagine if you could have a few of your most used features on your phone right at the tip of a finger. That’s the idea behind the Kickstarter project, Pressy. It is basically just a single button that plus into the headphone jack on your phone. Then, with the free app, you can program your […]

Armin Van Buuren Approved, Phillips M1X-DJ

Here’s a sneak peak at an upcoming portable DJ sound system. The Phillips M1X-DJ is a combination iPad dock and mixing deck with a kick. It features two platters, a link to the popular Djay 2 app, an 80-watt amplifier, and an impressive amount of control over your mixes. DJ Armin Van Buuren has signed […]