Gravastar Mars/Venus Bluetooth Speaker Review: How a Beautiful Robot Destroyed My Marriage

I called our team last July to ask about the sound quality of the new Gravastar line of Bluetooth speakers we received for review. All I had seen was the box they came in and I was curious about the Mars Pro’s hefty weight of nearly 6 pounds, I figured that had to be a […]

Self-Powered Bookshelf Speakers – Best of the Best

Have you ever listened to music through your phone or tablet? The sound was pretty lame we’d guess. The sound from your wireless/Bluetooth portable units is really not much better, despite what the BestBuy guy tells you. You know, there are times when tried and true is really the only way to go, and the […]

The Future of Sound Is 360 degrees

For the true audiophile, a loudspeaker is one of the most important components to any quality home entertainment system. Some companies like Bang & Olufsen get this, and it likely influences their approach to creating impressive sound staging and clarity. Bang & Olufsen claim the BeloLab 90 loudspeaker will change the future of sound. The result is an array […]

Nyne Aqua Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review – Just Add Water

When reviewing a new speaker system, we like to get right to the chase. Yes, we do like the Nyne Aqua Portable Bluetooth Speaker… and now here’s the rest of the story. Nyne took on a big task when they sat down to design the Aqua. For every ounce of rigidity and waterproofing you add […]

Trinity Waterproof, Sport Tuned In-Ear Headphones – You Asked for it

The makers behind the Trinity Hyperion and Delta in-ear headphones have been hard at work in the lab designing a sport earbud that satisfies all your fitness needs. They listened to all the feedback they’ve received since their last Kickstarter campaign, and their newest solution is called the ATLAS Hybrid Sport and HELIO Sport. Okay, […]

Why Bassforms are the Definition of Luxury and Class

When Sean Combs or Jamie Fox are in the market for a speaker enclosure, they don’t run down to Best Buy to see what they have available. They call up Bassforms and explain to them exactly what they need, and then leave the design execution to the experts. And once upon a time, you needed […]

Tego Audio Nova Mini Speaker Still Rocks

The Urbasm team tries to stay on the cusp of new developments in sound, but occasionally something gets past us, like this Tego Audio Nova Wireless Mini Speaker. We received one of these a few weeks ago, and after comparing it to all the other speakers we had lying around—we’ve come to the conclusion that […]

Jookbox – Allows Everyone to be the DJ

A socially curated party play mix used to consist of people hauling their giant CD books around to parties. And then MP3’s came into play and made the process a bit more convenient (at least for the biceps). Today, we are about to introduce you to the next realm of social party play, called the […]

5 Portable Speakers With Flare

We know that sound quality should be one of the most important aspects of a portable speaker. However, we also like them to have a little flare, such as these five options.   Pebble Aria Speaker and Charger Phone chargers come in all flavors, including whiskey (power flask). However, there are not too many options […]

Bang and Olufson Immaculate Sound With WiSA

WiSA is the Danish firm’s, Bang and Olufson’s, new wireless technology. It can currently be heard in the trio of awesomeness, otherwise known as the Beolab 17, Beolab 18 and Beolab 19. The trio will be available this coming November 2014 at $3,990 for the Beolab 17,  $3,395 for the 19 (pictured above)… And $6,590 […]