Breathe New Life Into Your Speakers with a Rocki WiFi Media Player

Good things do occasionally come in interesting packages, and the Rocki wifi streaming media player is one of them. It is about the length of a credit card, maybe just a bit thicker than the key remote on your vehicle, and looks like a figure from your 8th grade Geometry class. It also comes with […]

Naim Muso Makes Art Out Of Wireless Sound Technology

The design of the Muso is distinctly Bentley, and the technology is absolutely brilliant. Introducing the most beautiful piece of wireless equipment your home or bachelor pad has probably ever seen. Naim is a high-end audio specialist from UK, who is renowned for their speaker technology found in the luxury car brand—Bentley. The Naim Muso […]

Bang and Olufson Immaculate Sound With WiSA

WiSA is the Danish firm’s, Bang and Olufson’s, new wireless technology. It can currently be heard in the trio of awesomeness, otherwise known as the Beolab 17, Beolab 18 and Beolab 19. The trio will be available this coming November 2014 at $3,990 for the Beolab 17,  $3,395 for the 19 (pictured above)… And $6,590 […]

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones in Matte Black

  You’ve got to give these musicians credit where it’s due. When it comes to the competition between Dr. Dre Beats and Fiddy Streets, these gentlemen have their ear to the web vine. Listeners complained that Fiddy Streets did not have active noise canceling and a collapsible design, and the next generation had both of […]

BoomBOTTLE Brings Music to the Palm of Your Hand

Guys, when was the last time you wrapped your hand around something truly powerful? Allow me to rephrase that… Can you remember an evening when your girl felt the earth move just by reaching for your equipment? If your a man plagued by the size of your speaker, you should know that it is not […]