Lock and Key: The Latest Bug Fixes and Updates for the iPhone

Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 9 has been lauded for its stability and security. Where past iterations have left some users with the distinct feeling of “update guilt” the latest version has proven to work incredibly well out of the gate. Unlike with last years’ shaky iOS 8 release, there aren’t any app breaking […]

Spyder PowerShadow – The World’s Thinnest Battery Case

In this day and age, you can’t really be ‘on the go’ unless you have some sort of reserve to power your phone. Yeah, but have you ever been on an important call or in the middle of getting route directions when your iPhone starts to fail? It becomes an episode of the Three Stooges […]

Obi Worldphones – The Apple iPhone Should be Scared

Some of us here think that the iPhone has grown a little too big for its britches. It’s time for something better to come along and reawaken our passion for art, functionality, non-cracked screens and design. That time may be here: And it begins with the efforts of the Obi Worldphones. These phones offer a […]

Smartphone Goes Camping

Smartphones have become essential tools for many people. In fact, 84 percent of smartphone users say they couldn’t go a single day without their devices. Many people wouldn’t even leave their smartphones at home during vacations or camping trips. This dependency may sound unhealthy at first, but mobile devices have become essential because they fill […]

Catalyst Waterproof Case – The Ultimate in iPhone Adventure Gear

What is your iPhone most afraid of? Nature. It is fearful of rain storms, hail, snow, caves, deep sea excursions and unruly rapids. In other words, it doesn’t like water all that much. It is also not particularly fond of heights and excessive speeds (especially when it is not safely nestled inside a cockpit). I […]

Tile Item Finder: Go Ahead and Lose it – They Dare You

Tile is one of the new and innovative ways to keep track of all your important stuff. You know, the stuff you take around with you everywhere you go, which makes it even more likely to lose. And it helps you keep track of the stuff that you share with other people. This makes all […]

Olympus Air A01 – There’s a Professional Camera Hidden in Your Smartphone

Well, it’s not exactly hidden, as you’re going to need to purchase an Olympus Air A01 Smartphone Lens to make it happen. But once you do, a world of photographic bliss will be at your fingertips. It features a 16-megapixel MOS Micro Four Thirds sensor, a quick AF system, and an on-board Micro SD card to […]

Thync Wearable Tech Makes Your Brain Tingle

The human brain is an amazing workhorse. It consumes 20 percent of your energy each day. In laymen terms, this is approximately enough energy to power a 20-watt appliance. Considering that the brain uses energy to function, it is not a stretch to assume that electrical pulses sent through the brain in strategic places could […]

When at a Loss for Words – Get Your Qwyrk On

Messaging each other with words of wisdom and inspiration is what social media is all about (at least a portion of it). But how many ways can you say, congratulations, good job, or “win one for the zipper”, before it starts to lose some of its original expression and intent? At one time, emoticons were […]

Zipbuds PRO – Because Your Headphones Should Work as Hard as You

Music is a big part of my life. Not so much that I try to drown the world out with it, but rather embellish on certain moments, such as when working out or waiting at the airport. We rely on our devices to perform when we need them, and when we ask them to perform […]