A Man’s Greatest Travel Destinations

Soul Searching Beyond Your Soul A man should engage in a lot of soul-searching to accomplish everything he wants out of life. It is these meditation rituals that will help you accomplish greater success, build a better body and find true love. However, don’t forget to take a look outside that window of your soul every now […]

How to Make Tea Manly

We get this question a lot. And up until now all we’ve been able to suggest was a mantastic beard, shot of unicorn tears and a beautiful woman serving it. But here’s another ideas for you: stainless steel. This Eva Solo Tea Bag is sleek, non-descript, functional, reusable and holds absolutely no resemblance to its forefather […]

LumiWave Infrared Therapy – Portable Injury Recovery for the Armchair Athlete

If I could receive $100 for every injury-healing gadget I’ve ever wasted my money on over the years… well, I’d have a good start to getting back all the money I’ve spent. It just seems like there are a lot of promises floating around with very little delivery. Which is why it is nice to […]

Take This Personality Quiz to Plan Your Ultimate Las Vegas Vacation

What type of Vegas man are you? Are you a wild card like Alan from The Hangover, or more of a player like Danny Ocean from Ocean’s Eleven? Regardless who you think would play your character should your life ever be documented on film, this quiz hosted by the Aria Resort and Casino is designed […]

Off The Grid And Unplugged

Where did the summer go? It is a good thing that there are still places in the world where the summertime never ends. Places that frown on cold, stress, technology and an empty glass. Places like these: Also see Guide to British Columbia for more unplugged travel destinations.

Obi Worldphones – The Apple iPhone Should be Scared

Some of us here think that the iPhone has grown a little too big for its britches. It’s time for something better to come along and reawaken our passion for art, functionality, non-cracked screens and design. That time may be here: And it begins with the efforts of the Obi Worldphones. These phones offer a […]

A Man’s Home Tells His Story – What’s Yours?

They say a man’s home is his castle; a refuge of sorts. However, what we like to believe – is that a man’s home tells a story. It is a glimpse of his personality, by style and design. From industrial to wood, minimalism to modern – A man’s home should be an extension of himself. A place […]

HeadShade SPF and HeadWipes – The Ultimate Maintenance Kit for a Shaved Head

You often hear comments from men about how much easier it is to care for themselves now that they have freed themselves from the hair on their head. And while I’d agree that it may simplify a few steps in the morning, it by no means releases us from the ritual and maintenance of the […]

This Vintage Razor Allows You To Customize Your Shave

We are a straight edge razor kind of gentlemen. A vintage razor shaves closer, better and just leaves a man with an overall boost of testosterone. But what about style? The traditional single/double razor has been around for a lot of decades, and one Kickstarter project says they have made several improvements over that old […]

Modern Day Bachelor Pads

It is a good thing to uphold the classic beliefs, traits and values of your forefathers. After all, they were the ones who made all the initial mistakes so that you would not need to ever make them again. But just because you believe in following the code of conduct from the gentlemen of yesteryear, doesn’t […]