LumiWave Infrared Therapy – Portable Injury Recovery for the Armchair Athlete

LumiWave - Cropped hero

If I could receive $100 for every injury-healing gadget I’ve ever wasted my money on over the years… well, I’d have a good start to getting back all the money I’ve spent. It just seems like there are a lot of promises floating around with very little delivery. Which is why it is nice to be able to report on a product that actually does seem to do what it says… and do it with a little finesse and portability. Introducing the Lumiwave Infrared Light Therapy Device.

It doesn’t vibrate, massage or provide a mystical light show for your enjoyment… but it does offer 200 infrared-emitting LEDS and the convenience of a compact injury wrap. It plugs into your wall, features a two-button remote and is just long enough to go from your nearest outlet to your recliner (although we make no promises about that).

Light therapy is nothing new. It has been around for decades, but BioCare has packaged it up into a nice little kit that is portable enough to keep in the drawer of your desk, yet powerful enough to get a stiff rotator cuff – rotating again. How do we know? We received a demo to try out over the holiday, and after a couple mishaps at the gym, shoveling snow and getting out of bed with a loud groan (man, we’re getting old)… we can say this Lumiwave device appears to offer more relief than your typical topical cream or heating/vibrating massager put together.

LED Back edited

It works by the same principle as those old infrared light bulbs, except it offers a more concentrated blast where you need it. We did find that it offered a reasonable amount of pain relief and seemed to loosen up the muscle by providing a little extra blood-flow in the area. The pain relief may have only lasted a few hours, but that was just long enough to get us back on the horse again (i.e. going to the gym, shoveling more snow, rolling out of bed with less whining).

If you’ve used infrared light in the past, you already know how well it can work… but this system provides enough boost in its delivery to warrant calling it a significant ‘upgrade’ over what you may be currently using. So if you feel like you spend more time in ‘recovery mode’ than advancing in muscle growth and improvement… join the club. But perhaps a better club to join is the many pain-free users who praise the innovation behind the LumiWave.

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