How to Design a Tech-Inspired Bachelor Pad

Tech has officially taken over. It’s everywhere. It’s integrated into your car and it’s accessible from the palm of your hands. So why should your home or apartment be any different? If you’re thinking about updating your pad with the latest and greatest from the tech world, here are a few solid tips to help […]

Trinity Hyperion – It’s Amazing What $39 Can Buy

A price point of $39 doesn’t buy you too much these days. Maybe a pair of underwear, movie, mediocre dinner for two. However, Trinity Audio has been trying to convince the world that when it comes to premium audio – we’ve all been paying too much. The earbuds we’re reviewing today are the Trinity Hyperion. […]

Obi Worldphones – The Apple iPhone Should be Scared

Some of us here think that the iPhone has grown a little too big for its britches. It’s time for something better to come along and reawaken our passion for art, functionality, non-cracked screens and design. That time may be here: And it begins with the efforts of the Obi Worldphones. These phones offer a […]

Smartphone Goes Camping

Smartphones have become essential tools for many people. In fact, 84 percent of smartphone users say they couldn’t go a single day without their devices. Many people wouldn’t even leave their smartphones at home during vacations or camping trips. This dependency may sound unhealthy at first, but mobile devices have become essential because they fill […]

Catalyst Waterproof Case – The Ultimate in iPhone Adventure Gear

What is your iPhone most afraid of? Nature. It is fearful of rain storms, hail, snow, caves, deep sea excursions and unruly rapids. In other words, it doesn’t like water all that much. It is also not particularly fond of heights and excessive speeds (especially when it is not safely nestled inside a cockpit). I […]

Kraftwerk – The Portable Charger Powered by Gas

Kickstarter is known for their innovative products, but Kraftwerk has put together something fairly unique for the guy who feels the need to have three to six device chargers with him everywhere he goes. If you could only find a portable charger that was powered by its own fuel source–one charger would be all you […]

9 Cool Car Apps You Should Know

There is a cool app for just about anything you appreciate in life. But when it comes to your car fetishes, there are a handful of truly awesome apps that we wouldn’t leave home without. Curious what you might be missing out on? We were too:   TripREC- Dash Cam You know those cool videos […]

Top 7 Gadgets You Can Control With Your Phone

  The title of this piece was originally going to be something like, “What your gadgets really say about you.” I was going to talk about how some people have become so reliant on their devices that they have them with them almost every second of the day, including in bed while they sleep. Let’s […]

Grovemade Takes Your iPhone Back to Nature

Back in May, we reviewed the Grovemade iPhone dock and absolutely loved it. This month we have the ultimate accessory to go along with that dock. It is an iPhone case made of (you guessed it) 100% wood. Now, I will admit that I am guilty of having purchased many plastic and silicone cases over […]

5 Portable Speakers With Flare

We know that sound quality should be one of the most important aspects of a portable speaker. However, we also like them to have a little flare, such as these five options.   Pebble Aria Speaker and Charger Phone chargers come in all flavors, including whiskey (power flask). However, there are not too many options […]