Trinity Hyperion – It’s Amazing What $39 Can Buy


A price point of $39 doesn’t buy you too much these days. Maybe a pair of underwear, movie, mediocre dinner for two. However, Trinity Audio has been trying to convince the world that when it comes to premium audio – we’ve all been paying too much.

The earbuds we’re reviewing today are the Trinity Hyperion. We looked at these several months back when they were only a glimmer in Kickstarter’s eye. Today Trinity is becoming a force in the high-end market – but they are selling them at such low-end prices we wanted to try a pair of these for ourselves. And so we asked politely and received one of their originals in return, the Hyperion.

Rolling these around in your hand, you can certainly appreciate their aluminum exterior, which is very light at only 2.0 grams. They are also very small, and by that we mean the sound tips are really not much larger than the tip of a pen. But you would never know that considering their 8mm drivers, 16 Ohm impedance, and frequency response of 19 – 21000Hz.

For such a small size, these are ‘full sound’ in-ear headphones with plenty of high-end features, including braided cables, a gold plated jack and their newest model also comes with a universal remote/mic for most smartphones. The only thing we could say these are lacking is clarity at super high volume. But we’re not supposed to be listening to our music that loud anyway, so we’re not complaining.

You see, when you design and manufacture an earbud at $39, you set the bar pretty low. However, Trinity has set the bar pretty darn high – as far as we’re concerned. These sound fantastic at moderate volume, are very comfortable and offer seven ear tips to play around with even if you don’t find the fit perfect right out of the box (as I did).

But don’t fall in love with these just yet, as the Hyperion is really just the beginning to this story. The company has big plans and are currently listening to the feedback of their customers and moving forward with bigger (don’t worry, not literally) and better designs, such as the ‘Sport’ we covered a few months back.

Okay, so we too have some feedback for you, Trinity. Can you have these hand delivered by Sports Illustrated models? It doesn’t hurt to ask, since we know you’re listening = )

Check out the newest edition of the Hyperion here.


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