Trinity In-Ear Headphones on Kickstarter


This week we were nudged towards the direction these Trinity in-ear headphones on Kickstarter, and they do look pretty impressive. These are super tiny, with the lower model, the Hyperion, being just a smidgen larger than the tip of a pen and weighing in at only 2.0 grams (pictured below).


Stepping up to a few more grams and ounces of CNC aluminum housing is the Delta (Hybrid) model. This is Trinity’s premium offering and it comes with a filter tuning system that allows you to custom tune the sound of your music with a selection of three inserts that can alter the sound from “Fun” (bass) to “Smooth” (neutral) to “Vivid” (treble).


There are only a few days left to go on this Kickstarter, and we think it’s worth a look here.


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