Self-Powered Bookshelf Speakers – Best of the Best

Have you ever listened to music through your phone or tablet? The sound was pretty lame we’d guess. The sound from your wireless/Bluetooth portable units is really not much better, despite what the BestBuy guy tells you. You know, there are times when tried and true is really the only way to go, and the […]

Trinity Hyperion – It’s Amazing What $39 Can Buy

A price point of $39 doesn’t buy you too much these days. Maybe a pair of underwear, movie, mediocre dinner for two. However, Trinity Audio has been trying to convince the world that when it comes to premium audio – we’ve all been paying too much. The earbuds we’re reviewing today are the Trinity Hyperion. […]

Trinity In-Ear Headphones on Kickstarter

This week we were nudged towards the direction these Trinity in-ear headphones on Kickstarter, and they do look pretty impressive. These are super tiny, with the lower model, the Hyperion, being just a smidgen larger than the tip of a pen and weighing in at only 2.0 grams (pictured below). Stepping up to a few […]

Audio Technica SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS Headphones Giveaway

The Audio Technica SonicFuel line of headphones has made a big impression on us. And we’d like to give you a pair for free—just because we like you so much. We’ve teamed up with Audio Technica to offer a set of SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS in ear headphones, and all you have to do to enter is […]

Tego Audio Nova Mini Speaker Still Rocks

The Urbasm team tries to stay on the cusp of new developments in sound, but occasionally something gets past us, like this Tego Audio Nova Wireless Mini Speaker. We received one of these a few weeks ago, and after comparing it to all the other speakers we had lying around—we’ve come to the conclusion that […]

What a Modern Record Console Should Look Like

The Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio is their flagship audio player. It features two 15-watt tube amps, two 6.5″ drivers, and an 8″ subwoofer. The entire unit is crafted with an eclectic use of sculptured metal, Walnut, and carbon fiber. We could say a lot more about the craftsmanship of this device. However, we’ll […]

The Hidden Speaker that Will Blow You Away

If you like to turn your music up loud, this hidden speaker ($150) is nothing more than an over sized volume knob, capable of pumping out over 80 dB of sound. It’s no bigger than your fist, is Bluetooth wireless, provides up to 30 hours of playtime on a single charge (via a 3.5mm input), and […]

Mark Levinson Raises the Standard of Luxury Audio

Mark Levinson has been testing audio equipment for longer than many of you have been alive. Something happens to a man that has been in the industry that long. His expectations begin to outweigh the standard systems being stamped off the line and shoved into a white Styrofoam box. The Mark Levinson 40th Anniversary collection consists […]

4 Best Turntables Roundup

The word ‘digital’ may sound modern, cool, and hip… however, the true audiophile knows that there is no digital device in existence that can compare to the rich and accurate sound of an analogue turntable. this is because a vinyl record mirrors the original sound waves, without the necessity of all that digital conversion, which […]