RP10 Skeletal Turntable by Rega Research

Building a better mouse trap takes more than just a bigger slice of cheese. Rega Research has taken apart the standard turntable of yesteryear, and redesigned it using only the essentials of style and performance. The reason for its skeletal carbon fiber plinth, is to free the music to travel to your ears. This is […]

4 Best Turntables Roundup

The word ‘digital’ may sound modern, cool, and hip… however, the true audiophile knows that there is no digital device in existence that can compare to the rich and accurate sound of an analogue turntable. this is because a vinyl record mirrors the original sound waves, without the necessity of all that digital conversion, which […]

Corsets, DJ’s, and Offensive Advertisements Roundup

As you wind down to your Friday, allow Urbasm play you a little lullaby. The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up her corset pin – Maxim Down dropped the needle And the turntable started to spin – Sharp Out came her father and shut the music down And the itsy-bitsy spider went home with just a frown – Heavy