Interview with Chris Turner, World’s Greatest Freestyle Rapping Comic

Here are just a few of the things that the mysterious people who say things (“they say”), are actually saying about the comic, Chris Turner. They say he is a “virtuoso,” “flawless,” a “rap God,” maybe even a “super-freak” if you count the opinion of our writer, Max Green. But such praise is futile until […]

10 Comedies Worth Watching Again

When you’re dealing with the daily disappointments of life, almost any comedy film is worth watching once. But you know what one of the biggest tragedies of an exceptional comedy? Is that our memories forget about them over time (sometimes just a couple of months is all it takes). Let’s try a test: Can you […]

How to Earn Your Masters in Lazy

I used to believe that laziness was something to be ashamed of. That is until I found out that there is a special talent, creativity, innovation, and a sleepy energy that drives the chronically lazy to strive for a life that is more absent, less lived, and practically devoid of pride. This is not an easy level to […]

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Gets a Warm Weather Revamp from StartUpVitamins

The traditional ugly Christmas sweater can be a lot of fun for those who live in the frigid climates. But what about those who spend the majority of the holiday season in the tropics, everglades or sitting in their mom’s toasty basement? Don’t worry about it because StartUpVitamins, the home of awesome quotes, has designed just […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About YouTube Artist, Ali Spagnola

The YouTube sensation, Ali Spagnola, caught our attention a few months ago and we have been fans of her ever since. She is an artist, dancer, ice skater, singer and a hilarious comedian. But there is still so much that we don’t know, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to seek her out […]

And Now For Something Different – Awesome Ads

We’re not what you’d call fans of ads, but every so often they do get it right. Here’s a break in your day for a few that are worth a watch.

How to Meet Women With Comedians Dave And Ethan

Dave and Ethan are two of the funniest guys we’d ever actually accept dating advice from. This is because these gentlemen have been on over 200 double dates together, and that may or may not include the time they brought a dog into the bedroom. But I’m getting a little ahead of our interview, so […]

Man IQ Test

A real man should not be required to calculate arithmetic, name all 50 states, or recite the alphabet to proclaim his value to the world. In fact, I think that a man’s IQ should reflect his common sense and overall chance to survive without a smartphone, Google, and multi-language instruction manual. 1.) If you’re at […]

30 Idioms That Casually Tell Your Co-Workers to Get Their Sh*t Together

Sometimes there is no better way to get your point across at the office, than to make your vocabulary short, strong, to the point, and as visually dramatic as possible. These are the 30 classic idioms that will tell your co-workers to get their sh*t together, without actually saying, “Get your sh*t together.” “Marching orders”– […]

Best Selfie of the Year Awards

Selfies are a viral sham under most circumstances. This is because the vast majority are boring, self-serving, uninteresting, and positively unimaginative. However, there are some very rare occasions when a selfie is truly inspirational, impressive, and worthy of at least three-seconds of your attention. And the Nominees for “Best Selfie of the Year” go to: […]