And Now For Something Different – Awesome Ads

We’re not what you’d call fans of ads, but every so often they do get it right. Here’s a break in your day for a few that are worth a watch.

Amazing Products That May Never Exist

Have you ever wanted to learn another language? Maybe even a third language? Perhaps a language that could be shared among one’s group of friends to pass clandestine messages? They say learning another language is beneficial to you. Not only does it challenge your brain to stay active, but it could help with your intelligence […]

Company Slogans – If They Were Honest

From the mind of Clif Dickens and, comes the top 12 most honest and awesome product slogans we’d never buy into.

Using Sex to Sell Used Luxury Cars

The media is not above using sex to sell stuff. Even classy media, like BMW and Aston Martin. What’s more, after you discover the plethora of organic substances that are found on the seats and carpet of the average used luxury vehicle, it gives “used” an entirely different meaning. However, there is something about the […]

Sexy Ads

The jungles are fierce with bikini clad hunters, searching for that one perfect man. A man who believes in burning bras. A man who fantasizes about Kate Upton and Carl’s Jr. A man who seeks the one true aphrodisiac, which consists of simply pressing the button on top of a $5 can of deodorant, and […]