9 Sexy Ads You May Have Missed

Most commercials can put you to sleep. If we were to buy some swamp land in Florida, or more likely, some swamp water in a fancy bottle, we’d want to make sure the experience was worthy of our efforts. Here are nine sexy ads, in which we may or may not know exactly what they […]

Using Sex to Sell Used Luxury Cars

The media is not above using sex to sell stuff. Even classy media, like BMW and Aston Martin. What’s more, after you discover the plethora of organic substances that are found on the seats and carpet of the average used luxury vehicle, it gives “used” an entirely different meaning. However, there is something about the […]

Sexy Ads

Who ever said that sex sells, was a genius. I mean, it is only the oldest freaking profession in the world… of course it sells. Here is some stuff that we have no idea what the hell it is, although we just might buy it anyway ’cause it’s sexy!