PowerGo-Go Protects, Charges and Syncs Your iPhone Through Magnetic Technology

Charging cases come and go across our desk, but the PowerGo-Go by Simple Living Technology has caught our attention. Their setup begins with a Bumper Case, which not only protects your iPhone with shock-resistant materials but offers a simple magnetic bullseye to charge up your device through a magnetic wire (shown in photo above). But what’s […]

Kraftwerk – The Portable Charger Powered by Gas

Kickstarter is known for their innovative products, but Kraftwerk has put together something fairly unique for the guy who feels the need to have three to six device chargers with him everywhere he goes. If you could only find a portable charger that was powered by its own fuel source–one charger would be all you […]

Cabelet Wearable Tech iPhone Charger

We at Urbasm are big fans of wearable tech, like this cabelet from Kyte&Key. It looks like a fashionable leather bracelet by day, and in the evening when your iphone5 is dragging, it becomes a powerful ‘capped’ crusader. You see, this is no ordinary bracelet, but a charging/data cable that can transfer data faster than […]

Power Flask by Digital Treasures

It’s tough being a man these days. You have hundreds of emasculating gadgets, like the i-arm, and only so many ways to disguise them. Well, here is one. A man may need a little “pick me up” from time to time, but so does his gadgets. Why not mix the two with a portable gadget […]