How to Design a Tech-Inspired Bachelor Pad

Tech has officially taken over. It’s everywhere. It’s integrated into your car and it’s accessible from the palm of your hands. So why should your home or apartment be any different? If you’re thinking about updating your pad with the latest and greatest from the tech world, here are a few solid tips to help […]

SmartLock Bluetooth Padlock – It’s Got the Brawn and the Brains

The world does not really need any more ‘smart’ devices (please, no)… but in this one case, we’re going to make an exception. Dog & Bone has designed something pretty special with this LockSmart Keyless Bluetooth Padlock. Its stainless/alloy body is brawny, heavy and stout; its electronics are secure (128-bit encryption), weatherproof and intuitive; and […]

Fortified Guarantees Their Bikes Stay Yours – Or They’ll Send You a New One

Feast your eyes on the one bicycle that could survive a polar vortex, monsoon, pavement poured with nails or 10 years parked in the center of Amsterdam (a place where an awful lot of bikes get stolen). This is the ultimate urban bicycle built from lightweight 6061 aluminum. It is ‘Fortified’ with a zinc chain, […]

Foldylock Bike Lock – Go Ahead; Ruin a Thief’s Day

The biggest conundrum with bikes and security systems is devising something that is small and convenient enough to use, but strong enough to make the effort worthwhile. This is a common problem for me, who has experienced the frustration of coming back to a missing bike. There are two things we can assume about a […]

Netatmo – Supersleuth Connected Camera in a Can

The Netatmo Welcome Connected Camera is far more than a security camera for your home. It is an intelligent camera that does the investigating for you, so that you don’t even need to review the video footage to know what’s going on in your home. It can recognize when gates, doors and windows have been […]