Everything We’ve Missed About Summer

It is almost summer. And do you know what you should be looking most forward too? We’d suggest a little of this (above)… and a little of that (below)

Folding Bikes That Make the Man

A folding bike represents freedom, health, fitness, unique character, being on the go, and being ready for anything. Any man can ride a folding bike, but only a small percentage do. And being among a small crowd can be a good thing – especially when it’s to your advantage. And the advantage is: A well-chosen […]

Prima Pack – Ultimate Modular Backpack for Urban Dwellers

When a man travels the urban landscape, he needs stuff – paperwork, laptop, thermos, lunch, change of clothes, a pair of gym shoes and a handful of tech are just a few of the essentials. The problem is: the typical urban backpack is usually not up to the task. With two pockets, two zippers, and […]

Fortified Guarantees Their Bikes Stay Yours – Or They’ll Send You a New One

Feast your eyes on the one bicycle that could survive a polar vortex, monsoon, pavement poured with nails or 10 years parked in the center of Amsterdam (a place where an awful lot of bikes get stolen). This is the ultimate urban bicycle built from lightweight 6061 aluminum. It is ‘Fortified’ with a zinc chain, […]

Foldylock Bike Lock – Go Ahead; Ruin a Thief’s Day

The biggest conundrum with bikes and security systems is devising something that is small and convenient enough to use, but strong enough to make the effort worthwhile. This is a common problem for me, who has experienced the frustration of coming back to a missing bike. There are two things we can assume about a […]

4 Extreme Bicycles for the Ultimate in Urban Commuting

To some people anything without a motor is too tame to be extreme. However, once you start to mention a few of the brands building these two-wheel quadriceps powered beasts, like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and McLaren, the extreme bicycle begins to find a source of respect. The thing about extreme bicycles is they weren’t built for […]

Black, Red and White All Over- All Things Stylish in 2014

Looking ahead to 2014, the tone of menswear is about to change to a more subdued yet savvy style. All black ensembles with pops of color are quickly becoming the best way to show your care about fashion without going overboard. The holiday season carries its fair share of cheese, but we want to make […]

Brad Pitt’s Custom Hardtail Chopper

Some celebrities ride a bicycle; others prefer a scooter while drunk (ahem, Mickey Rourke). However, the real hardcore biker knows that if your tailbone isn’t cracked by the time you kick out the stand, you should be booted back into the playpen along with the other dentists on motorized tricycles. This “hardtail” chopper, made by […]

Urban Transport

Getting around town sometimes requires alternative modes of transportation. When you have errands to run or just want to cruise about, nothing compares to the good old bicycle. If you’re after a sturdy ride, the Trek Earl Bike might be the answer.   If you can’t get there fast enough, the DeLorean is a stainless steel complete with […]