Anvil Warthog Ducati Motorcycle – Monster Minimalism

There is quite honestly very little improvement that can be made to a Ducati frame and L-twin engine. But Anvil Motociclette decided to take a shot at it… and in the process, they delivered a masterpiece in monster minimalism. The Warthog is a custom built bike that is even more minimalist than the original Ducati […]

Arch Motorcycle KRGT-1 – Two Legends Design A New Legend

Designing a legendary motorbike takes more than the streets smarts of engineer/fabricator, Gard Hollinger, and the Hollywood name of long-time bike enthusiast, Keanu Reeves. And quite frankly, the fact that these two have collaborated to build a legendary bike meant nothing to us… until we saw the result of their efforts: This is the Arch KRGT-1. Willed to Life […]

13 Awesome Urban Commutes and Pursuits

Even when a man’s feet are planted firmly on the ground, there is only so far they can carry you. A man needs a set of quality wheels to really get places in life, and bigger is not always better when you’re talking about an urban commute. Here are thireteen awesome suggestions: Halfbike How could someone […]

Harley Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle

Harley Davidson, who is known for its rumbling bikes appears to be shifting gears (pun intended). Electric vehicles are our future (like it or not), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Harley is starting to gently test the waters with what is currently being called the Livewire. To the most hardcore Harley fans, […]

Brad Pitt’s Custom Hardtail Chopper

Some celebrities ride a bicycle; others prefer a scooter while drunk (ahem, Mickey Rourke). However, the real hardcore biker knows that if your tailbone isn’t cracked by the time you kick out the stand, you should be booted back into the playpen along with the other dentists on motorized tricycles. This “hardtail” chopper, made by […]