Rob Buchta Talks Cannibalism, the One Fear Bear Grylls has Yet to Conquer, and the New Season of ‘Running Wild’

This month marks the beginning of the cataclysmic end for six celebrities as they embark on the personal challenge of their life with host, Bear Grylls. Well, we shouldn’t sound so bleak, as Bear has yet to lose one celebrity guest on the National Geographic fan favorite, Running Wild With Bear Grylls. This season ‘The […]

The UNinterview – Hunter S. Thompson

The good doctor, otherwise known as Hunter S. Thompson may be no longer with us, but for many, his memory lives on. Originally starting out as a writer for various newspapers, he’s known for books like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Hell’s Angles, with an assortment of his work featured in Rolling Stone […]

7 Best Celebrity Halloween Hair Styles for Men

Don Draper, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Jon Snow… If you really want to look like a celebrity, you’ve got to have the hair. And a huge amount of bonus points goes to the guy who can use his ‘own hair,’ rather than rely on one of those cheesy wigs they sell at those Halloween costume shops. […]

Neil Patrick Harris Premieres His ‘Best Time Ever’ Tonight

Can you remember what your best time ever was? Neil Patrick Harris hopes that he can help you create some new memories with his new NBC primetime show, “Best Time Ever’. The five-time Emmy award winner will have a new role this fall as the host of… well, a little bit of everything. The new […]

Jasmine Waltz on the Problem with Guys and How to be a Better Man

If you’ve ever stared out into the open abyss of the night sky, you will probably understand the mystery and complexity of a woman like Jasmine Waltz. She is an actress, a model, a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother (UK), and a potential spokeswoman for the improvement of men everywhere. We were down for some […]

Awesome Bachelorette Pad

Riddle me this: What kind of celebrity singer/actress would hold herself up in a $22 million, 6,200 square-foot N.Y.C. bachelorette pad with oak floors and bright white walls? Hint: She is definitely going to appreciate the built-in ‘smart’ control that will allow her to dim lights and turn down the heat whenever her twins get […]

Women We Love – Emma Stone

She started acting at the age of 11 in youth theater. She convinced her parents to move out to Hollywood at age 15, by creating a PowerPoint presentation that outlined her stardom shooting across dozens of magazines, billboards, and a handful of our favorite films, including the Zombie cult classic, Zombieland (2009). Emma Stone is […]

Robin Williams – The Uninterview

Robin Williams was born in 1951. In high school he was voted the ‘least likely to succeed’. He would go on to become an avid soccer player in college, Julliard dropout, cyclist, expert ad-libber, and comic genius. When he attended Julliard for acting, he was told that he was wasting his talents and should head […]

Women We Love – Almost Famous

Fame is a heartless bi*ch–one minute your’re known, and the next minute your’re not. To keep these women around a bit longer, let’s just consider them ‘almost famous,’ and keep it between ourselves.

Women We Love – Jessica Biel

She practically needs no introduction, Jessica Biel has been a fave of ours for some time. Most likely a combination of her good looks, style and how she carries herself–Jessica has it.