How to Survive the Urban Apocalypse – Interview with Ex-CIA

Last year in Denver’s storybook, upwards of 5,000 violent crimes were committed, including assault, robbery, and murder. In our own neighborhoods we have witnessed drive-by shootings, car jackings, car theft, and at least one death from a teenager throwing a small boulder through the windshield of a moving vehicle. We are on the way to […]

Rob Buchta Talks Cannibalism, the One Fear Bear Grylls has Yet to Conquer, and the New Season of ‘Running Wild’

This month marks the beginning of the cataclysmic end for six celebrities as they embark on the personal challenge of their life with host, Bear Grylls. Well, we shouldn’t sound so bleak, as Bear has yet to lose one celebrity guest on the National Geographic fan favorite, Running Wild With Bear Grylls. This season ‘The […]

The Urban Man’s Guide to Surviving the Great Outdoors

During the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, even the most city-going men are considering a move into nature. In fact, nature offers plenty of opportunities for male hobbies, such as camping, fishing, and even hunting small game.  Of course, if you haven’t ventured into the wilderness before, you should know what to […]

Leatherman MUT Survival Tool

If the Swiss army knife could have dreams, it would dream of becoming a Leatherman MUT. If Chuck Norris were a survival knife, he’d be a Leatherman MUT. Not all high tech equipment runs on batteries. The MUT is a heat treated black oxide survival tool that features a huge array of tools hidden within […]

Survivors – Overcoming a Hostage Crisis

The 92’-95’ war in Bosnia was complex and convoluted to say the least. I was a reporter following up on a story idea with a religious angle, and was asked to join a peace keeping military patrol that took us deep into bandit country. The cold rain had started driving hard at the windshield of […]

Survivors – Shot Six Times At Point Blank Range

I am the survivor of an intense two year stalking and harassment situation that culminated with attempted murder. I was living in New York City at the time (2006). The perpetrator was a woman who had been evicted from a property I managed. She tried suing my business partners and myself, claiming a number of […]

How to Be a Man – Tips for Everyday Survival

If you asked a survivor what makes them different from anyone else; most would tell you they were just lucky, or driven to see their family. The truth is, not everybody can cope under pressure. Ninety-five percent of the people who die during an emergency, do so because they failed to take action. There are […]

Survivors – Escape From Katrina Dome

At 10 AM Sunday morning, they announced mandatory evacuations. The airport, Amtrak, and Greyhound were all shut down, but I knew the Superdome was open. I got there at 11AM, and by evening, there were 10,000 people. Katrina hit Monday morning. At 6:20 AM, two 20′ by 20′ panels from the roof blew off, and […]

How to Be a Man – Street Fighting

It is going to happen to you one day. You’ll be wondering along, minding your business; when suddenly you cross in the path of someones who is having a much worse day than you. Your initial reaction will be to try to talk your way out of a confrontation. Nobody seeks a fight, unless they […]

Survivors – Pacific Coast Plane Crash

Story by Benjamin Eisendrath, as told by Eric J. Leech Ben is the second generation owner of the premium wood-fired grill company Grillworks Inc. ( In 2000, I rented a house on a nature reserve in Costa Rica. My whole family came—my father, mother, brother and sister in law. After a week of vacation, it […]