Leatherman MUT Survival Tool

If the Swiss army knife could have dreams, it would dream of becoming a Leatherman MUT. If Chuck Norris were a survival knife, he’d be a Leatherman MUT. Not all high tech equipment runs on batteries. The MUT is a heat treated black oxide survival tool that features a huge array of tools hidden within […]

Survivors – Overcoming a Hostage Crisis

The 92’-95’ war in Bosnia was complex and convoluted to say the least. I was a reporter following up on a story idea with a religious angle, and was asked to join a peace keeping military patrol that took us deep into bandit country. The cold rain had started driving hard at the windshield of […]

Survivors – Shot Six Times At Point Blank Range

I am the survivor of an intense two year stalking and harassment situation that culminated with attempted murder. I was living in New York City at the time (2006). The perpetrator was a woman who had been evicted from a property I managed. She tried suing my business partners and myself, claiming a number of […]

How to Be a Man – Tips for Everyday Survival

If you asked a survivor what makes them different from anyone else; most would tell you they were just lucky, or driven to see their family. The truth is, not everybody can cope under pressure. Ninety-five percent of the people who die during an emergency, do so because they failed to take action. There are […]

Survivors – Escape From Katrina Dome

At 10 AM Sunday morning, they announced mandatory evacuations. The airport, Amtrak, and Greyhound were all shut down, but I knew the Superdome was open. I got there at 11AM, and by evening, there were 10,000 people. Katrina hit Monday morning. At 6:20 AM, two 20′ by 20′ panels from the roof blew off, and […]

How to Be a Man – Street Fighting

It is going to happen to you one day. You’ll be wondering along, minding your business; when suddenly you cross in the path of someones who is having a much worse day than you. Your initial reaction will be to try to talk your way out of a confrontation. Nobody seeks a fight, unless they […]

Survivors – Pacific Coast Plane Crash

Story by Benjamin Eisendrath, as told by Eric J. Leech Ben is the second generation owner of the premium wood-fired grill company Grillworks Inc. (Grillery.com) In 2000, I rented a house on a nature reserve in Costa Rica. My whole family came—my father, mother, brother and sister in law. After a week of vacation, it […]

Survivors – Buried Under Six Stories of Haiti Ruble

I traveled to Haiti to shoot some video for our program at Compassion International. I was returning to my hotel (Hotel Montana) that afternoon. As I entered the lobby, the earthquake hit. The walls shook; the ground beneath me started to move, and within three-seconds everything had collapsed, and I was clenched in darkness. I […]