How to Be a Man – Street Fighting


It is going to happen to you one day. You’ll be wondering along, minding your business; when suddenly you cross in the path of someones who is having a much worse day than you. Your initial reaction will be to try to talk your way out of a confrontation. Nobody seeks a fight, unless they are either insane, extremely pissed off, or enjoy bleeding.

The first step, before you do anything else, is to remain calm and appear unafraid. Access the situation, including your take on who this guy is? Why is he so pissed; did you do something (like sleep with his wife)? Is he stronger than you, are there any weapons lying around handy, and what is your nearest escape path?

Resist the inclination to turn around and walk away; as most yellow-bellied rat finks have the nasty habit of attacking their prey when they are at their weakest. Assume the stance of a fight, which should include widening your feet, to minimize the chance of you falling down if hit. Hold your fists up near your face and clench your teeth, flex your neck, and tighten your stomach. This will help protect your most vulnerable parts of your body (jaw, internal organs, etc.), and avoid getting knocked out.

Tightening the muscles in your neck and torso, will also take advantage of creating a force for your opponents fist to reckon with. Think about hitting a wall, versus hitting a sponge. A bare fist striking against a stiff skull, has the potential of doing more damage to their fist, than your opponent may realize. With that being said, the key to every successful street fight is to avoid being hit.

The first rule is to keep an eye on his shoulders, so you will have an idea of where the next punch is coming from. If you are fast enough, and execute proper technique, which is fundamentally to move and shake, bob and weave; then you should be able to minimize the damage of their attack, and tire them out. Most guys will just quit fighting once their body has reached a certain level of fatigue. Here are a few suggestions to accomplish this with finesse.

Part of a good defense is an effective offense. Remember that most of your power is located within your torso, not your fist or arm. To create a truly devastating punch, you need to lead with your hip, while directing your power through your shoulder. However, always have the other hand up and available to block, or ready to deliver a second blow, as power punches generally leave you vulnerable for a return punch, especially if you miss your target.

Power should not be your overall goal, as speed, technique, and accuracy tend to do the most damage over the long run. In general, you want to notice how your opponent reacts to various punches. The idea is to set them up, so they are not prepared for a particular punch. For instance, rather than just throwing an uppercut,  precede  it with a hook to get your opponents attention on protecting the sides of their body. As their arms locate themselves to the side, they will become vulnerable in the middle, which is the perfect opportunity to land an uppercut.

When you target your opponents face, always imagine the strike zone to be a few inches behind their nose. This will ensure that the force of your blow is delivered to as much body tissue as possible; thus, doing the most damage. Keep in mind that one of the heaviest and hardest bones on your body is located on the top of your head. A well-placed head butt can catch someone off guard, and do some serious damage.

One final piece of advice: A real man does not  instigate a fight. However, he will damn sure know how to end it!

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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.