How to Survive the Urban Apocalypse – Interview with Ex-CIA

Last year in Denver’s storybook, upwards of 5,000 violent crimes were committed, including assault, robbery, and murder. In our own neighborhoods we have witnessed drive-by shootings, car jackings, car theft, and at least one death from a teenager throwing a small boulder through the windshield of a moving vehicle. We are on the way to […]

Survival Fishing: How to Catch Fish When SHTF

Note: This is an abridged version of the original survival fishing article which first appeared on  Humans have been fishing since before the dawn of civilization. And it’s no wonder. Fish are nutritious and, dare I say, delicious. Plus, they’re plentiful, almost all are edible, and you can find them in just about everybody […]

The Urban Man’s Guide to Surviving the Great Outdoors

During the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, even the most city-going men are considering a move into nature. In fact, nature offers plenty of opportunities for male hobbies, such as camping, fishing, and even hunting small game.  Of course, if you haven’t ventured into the wilderness before, you should know what to […]

James – Survival Knife for a Gentleman

Knives have received a reputation over the years, resulting in a sharp decline of urban gentlemen who feel comfortable wielding one as everyday carry. A well built knife can come in handy at any moment. However, if it’s important to maintain the class and sophistication of a well-groomed businessman, just any knife won’t do. James […]

3 Tactical Pens That Could Save Your Life

If you are the proud owner of a Tactical Mac/iPad Sleeve, I’ve got three accessories that will fit perfectly with it. The tactical pen is not a self defense device that gets much attention on the urban streets. This is because while it may be an important item of every day carry, you will never actually […]

Leatherman MUT Survival Tool

If the Swiss army knife could have dreams, it would dream of becoming a Leatherman MUT. If Chuck Norris were a survival knife, he’d be a Leatherman MUT. Not all high tech equipment runs on batteries. The MUT is a heat treated black oxide survival tool that features a huge array of tools hidden within […]