Frank Sinatra – The Uninterview

I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living life–a man who had good friends, fine family, and I don’t think I could ask for anything more than that, actually.” While not exactly a Mafia Don, Frank Sinatra certainly had many powerful friends and allies during his career. He […]

James Dean – The Uninterview

James Dean was truly a rebel without a cause. He rebelled against a time in the world when people were so smothered in Leave It to Beaver jargon, that they probably couldn’t even imagine anything other than the Beave’ being dropped off by a stork between the two separate beds of his beloved parents, Ward […]

Marilyn Monroe – The Uninterview

Hollywood’s Original “Working Girl” There are many sources that believe Marilyn Monroe probably slept with at least one man to get to the top. This man was Joseph Schenck, the elderly film executive who reportedly helped Monroe gain a role in the film, The Asphalt Jungle (1950). This film would become Monroe’s calling card to […]

Halle Berry – The Uninterview

Clutching the Oscar for her performance in Monster’s Ball (2001), Hallie Berry holds the golden Razzie award in the air, triumphantly celebrating her achievement of Worst Actress of 2004 for her performance in Catwoman (2004). Oh my gosh… Thank you guys, thank you so much—I’ve got so many people to thank, because you don’t win […]

7 Sexiest Celebrity Women – Then And Now

Every admirable woman in Hollywood was once just the cute pig-tailed girl next door. And speaking of that, these are seven of our favorite celebrity crushes–the way they were. Eva Mendez “I was an ugly duckling as a kid,” says Eva. “In junior high the other kids would say, You’ve got some chocolate on your […]

Robert Downey Jr – The Uninterview

“(I was eating a Burger King hamburger) with tons of f—ing dope (in my car),” explains Robert Downey Jr., during an Empire Magazine interview. “It was such a disgusting burger—I had that, and this big soda, and I thought something really bad was going to happen.” Some men have climbed to the peak of the […]

Uma Thurman – The Uninterview

I remember being, like, ten, and my mother asking me what I wanted to do,” Uma Thurman told Reader’s Digest. “I said, I want to be an actress–She said, Everybody does. Say something else. You’ve been watching too much TV.” Thurman’s father was the first Western Tibetan Buddhist monk to be ordained by the Dali […]

Morgan Freeman – The Uninterview

What is an icon? Is it the guy with the most money or luck, or the girl with the most beauty or PR scandals? Perhaps, it is based off who has the sexiest physique, or the longest list of hit franchise films (Die Hard, Shrek, Twilight, etc.)? In this definition, a Hollywood icon must have […]

Lifestyles of The Rich and Infamous – Celebrity Rides

Welcome to lifestyles of the rich and infamous, where we throw out the bubbly champagne wishes and caviar dreams and replace them with a can of flat root beer and a Miley Cyrus wet dream. Let’s open up the pages of fame and shame and point out which celebrities are living it up hard and […]

7 Celebrity Bad Asses (in Real Life)

Uma Thurman can make sushi out of one hundred Bruce Lee wanna-be’s in masks (Crazy 88 scene, Kill Bill). Arnold Schwarzenegger can almost speak a line, while flying through the air with an explosion behind him (for just about every movie he’s ever been). Playing the part of a bad ass is one thing; living […]