Carmen Electra, This is Your Life!

Much of what us guys know of Carmen involves those pivotal areas from the neck down, but to truly get to know this woman of few words, one has to look beyond those long legs, mountainous bosoms, blue eyes, tinsel-town brown hair, and see through to her mind. Yes, she does have a mind, she […]

10 Best Celebrity Body Parts

A recent study has suggested that men identify women by their body parts. In other words, if you have great legs, a guy may remember your name, but he will classify you in his memory banks as the woman with the gorgeous walking sticks. This started us thinking, and we scoured our brains for some […]

Quiz: Name that Celebrity

It’s time to roll out that red carpet and play “Name that Celebrity.” There have been a lot of celebs that have embarrassed themselves this past year and quite frankly it has been difficult to keep up with all the scandals and allegations going on. So difficult in fact, we have developed a little game […]