Women We Love – Viki Odintcova

The lovely Viki Odintcova  is a Russian beauty that could easily pass as a Bond beauty, SI swimsuit model or whatever she wants. There are few to no words to describe Viki Odintcova and her unique beauty, other than wow. She’s a model that also works with Nata Lee and others.

Playboy’s Last Centerfold – Our Top Suggestions

It’s the end of an era – Playboy will no longer be doing nudity. And as much as we will miss the centerfolds – it makes absolute sense. As a publisher, they pioneered the art, but now it’s just too common, easily accessible and free. But you probably already knew that. The more recent buzz is not […]

Women We Love – Megan Fox

Beautiful women in highly criticized film has been somewhat of a time-honored tradition in Hollywood. We have such classic examples as Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease II, Pamela Anderson in Barbed Wire, and Halle Berry in Catwoman (arguably the worst superhero film ever made). However, the Transformers franchise will hardly go down as one of the […]

5-Minutes with Roberta Mancino- Cover Girl to the Extreme

When people refer to Roberta Mancino as a ‘cover’ girl, what they are really saying,  is that you have to learn to take cover if you plan on hanging out with her, as you never know what she’ll have in store for any given day. Mancino has willingly leaped into the blue sky with nothing […]

Hottie of the Week – Carolina Ardohain

Argentina model and actress Carolina Ardohain is our crush of the moment, and our “Hottie of the Week”.

Guess the Guess Girl? Interview with Julia Lescova

“I am very shy. I don’t like to talk about myself,” Julia Lescova tells us in a very polite and polished English/Latvian accent. As I began speaking with Julia on this early Friday afternoon, I felt right at ease. It was as if I had met her before. Then it hit me. In many ways, […]

Morning Link Dump – July 31, 2013

As we say goodbye to July, and hello to August; we’d like to share a few of the things we’ve learned so far this summer: This is the best ‘all-occasion’ summer wine of 2013 – Details You can kick anyone’s ass at golf, tennis, croquet, softball, and horseshoes – Esquire It is possible to smell good […]

Bottoms Up Sofia Vergara

Over the weekend, we received notice that a butt had appeared in a bikini somewhere next to a pool. Upon verification, we concluded that this butt belonged to none other than Sofia Vergara… and therefore was very post worthy. Enjoy!

The Best of Bouncy Cheerleaders

The Man Show may have had their “Juggy Girls.” However, Urb is proud to present our favorite Bouncy Cheerleaders.

Babe Tribute – Jillian Beyor

Jillian Beyor is a model that started with Hawaiian Tropic and later ‘graduated’ to Playboy. We think she’s at the top of her class.