Babe Tribute – Hot Tight Dress

The hot tight dress is a fashion statement that says, Look at me… I’m too sexy, and what are you going to do about it? Unfortunately, they also occasionally convey the message, I’m sorry, I’d say something intelligent… but the blood flow is being constricted to my brain. Never-the-less, today we honor all those hard working gals who […]

Rihanna and Kate Moss Get Naked for V

What if Rihanna wore Kate Moss to bed? Err, maybe it was Kate Moss wearing Rih-Rih to bed… Well, either way you look at it, V-Magazine has got themselves one hell of a steamy spread, and we’re just happy to send a few smoke signals to those who like their lingerie clad celebs mixed with […]

Babe Tribute – Diana Morales

You know what they say about those sexy models from Spain? Well, if you don’t, we might as well be the first to tell you. Women like Diana Morales are what we’d call progressive and liberal, which is fancy talk for she probably wouldn’t think twice about wandering around your apartment nude if you were dating seriously. […]

The Perfect Woman

According to men, the perfect woman should have shimmering Twilight vampire skin, and the heaving breasts of Jessica Rabbit. She would have the electric blue mane of Marge Simpson, asymmetrical head of Sinead O’Connor, pull-string voice box of “Woody” from Toy Story, and the bedroom acrobatics of Lara Croft. Researchers have stretched their craniums trying […]

Babe Tribute – Herika Noronha

Herika Noronha’s full name is Herika Fernanda de Noronha, but you can call her, hot, for short. She also goes by the numbers, 34-24-35. She is a Brazilian lingerie model, in case you couldn’t tell by her shimmering skin, cocoa hair, green eyes, and lack of clothing on her body.

Babe Tribute – Vivian Chau

Standing (or lying) at 100 pounds, Vivian Chau has got to be one of our favorite babes of 2013. At least 20 of those pounds must be packed into those gorgeous 32D’s!

Babe Tribute – Aida Yespica

Aida Yespica was the 2002 Miss Amazonas (Venezuela). From that point her career took a spin in the right direction, including television, high fashion modeling, and some very tasteful nude pics that you can enjoy if you ask Google nicely.

Babe Tribute – Amanda Righetti

Where have you seen this face before? Amanda Righetti played Tessa Lewis in the television hit, North Shore (2004). She’s been a temporary beauty in CSI and Entourage (HBO). She screamed with the best of them in the 2008 remake of Friday the 13th. She has won an award for her performance in The Mentalist, […]

Babe Tribute – Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova is a tennis star whose fan base is a mix of dedicated sports enthusiasts, and sex-crazed maniacs just hoping to see what she’s got hidden underneath that skirt. Well, you won’t find the answer to that question below, but you might discover a new appreciation for her favorite hobby, lounging on the beach.

Babe Tribute – Kim Lee

We’ve given up hope of anything great ever coming out of Kim Kardashian. Her Asian mini-me, Kim Lee, however, is another story. This French/Vietnamese beauty is what we’d classify as an up-and-comer, and she has already filled her resume with some impressive reels, including the films Speed Dating, Hangover 2, and the Chronicles of Rick Roll. […]