Women We Love – Agent Provocateurs

Ducking in and out of shadows, Crouching behind false identities, And making men do what they want them to. An agent provocateur’s greatest asset… Is a man’s blind desire. Spotting a woman wearing sexy lingerie underneath a trench coat is one of those rare pleasures that you never expect to see, but is quite likely […]

Women We Love – Viki Odintcova

The lovely Viki Odintcova  is a Russian beauty that could easily pass as a Bond beauty, SI swimsuit model or whatever she wants. There are few to no words to describe Viki Odintcova and her unique beauty, other than wow. She’s a model that also works with Nata Lee and others.

Women We Love – Iris Kavka

If you ever believed in love at first site, then Slovenian model Iris Kavka might be proof. We had never heard of miss Kavka, but are now fans for obvious reasons. Her big break (so far) looks to have been when lingerie brand Incanto chose to do a shoot with the beautiful Iris Kavka on Lake Como in Italy. […]

Women We Love – Kayla Fitz

Our new crush Kayla Fitz has caught our attention, and to say she is captivating is an understatement. As a a self proclaimed goofball, Kayla says she never takes things too seriously because she loves to laugh and have fun. You can see more of Kayla at Bikiniteam.com and her Instagram A photo posted by Kayla Fitz (@kaylafitz3) […]

Women We Love – Fernanda Ferrari

While some have it, others like Fernanda Ferrari are meant to flaunt it.

Kate Upton Sex Tape

When we heard about the Kate Upton sex tape , we were more than a little excited. Kate Upton is a sexy bikini model that’s worked for Sports Illustrated, possibly others, we don’t know. What we do know is she a full figured lady that fills out a bikini rather well, and knows how to take a […]

Happy National Lingerie Day

As you are out and about on this fine day, remember that statistics suggest that six out of every 10 women you pass will be wearing some form of intimate lingerie. That is just one silky, shimmering and transparent sheet of fabric between you and everything you want most in the world. Yeah, it’s going […]

Women We Love – Bedtime Stories

Gather around gentleman, as we’re about to tell you a little bedtime story. There was once an attractive woman at your doorstep. She was wondering if you were home–alone. She was frightened, cold, and had left so quickly that she did not have enough time to get fully dressed. She walks inside and already knows […]

Women We Love – Josie Maran

Say what? You’ve never heard of Josie Maran? Well, clean out your eyes son, as we’re about to dirty them.

Women We Love – Nazanin Mandi

Say what? You’ve never heard of Nazanin Mandi? Well, clean out your eyes son, as we’re about to dirty them.