Valentine’s Day Sex Guide

What should a guy want for Valentines Day? Perhaps a box of chocolate? Candy heart? Pink rose? Hell no, you want sex, and lots of it! Let’s see if we can help you out with that… If your Valentine is a little shy, you might be able to get the devil to come out by giving […]

Babe Tribute – Lingerie

At Urbasm. we have an appreciation for fine things, such as beautiful women and sexy lingerie. Don’t believe us? This is the fourth tribute to lingerie.   Lingerie tribute 1, Lingerie tribute 2, Lingerie tribute 3

Tips for Scoring with the Ladies

To score with a sexy lady (or two), without much fuss or muss (a.k.a. cash bucket loads), you’ll need at least three things: 1. Clean, clear, and blemish free skin (she can see through your beard, so don’t try to hide it)- Ask Men 2. A ripped physique (a.k.a. free of any reference to the […]

Babe Tribute – Lingerie part III

In the third installment of our tribute to lingerie, we try to continue keeping it classy.   Be sure to check our previous Lingerie tribute 1, Lingerie tribute 2

Babe Tribute – Lingerie part II

A continuation of our tribute to lingerie, man’s greatest weakness.

Babe Tribute – Lingerie

The art of seduction might include many weapons in a woman’s bag of tricks, with few wielding the magnificent powers of lingerie.

Babe Tribute – Tamara Ecclestone

For some, Tamara Ecclestone needs no introduction. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s worth about $3 billion (no kidding) and kind of a mix between Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox.

Babe Tribute – Jewel Santini

Jewel Santini is a 28-year old fitness model from London, GB. She has one of the best derriere’s we’ve ever featured on Urbasm, and if you can find any trace of cellulite on this bum, we’ll send you a gift certificate for a free bag of Jennie Craig popcorn.

Babe Tribute – Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder is a fine UK export that’s graced the covers of magazines overseas, and we hope to see a whole lot more of her. See Lucy’s sexy photo shoot video too: You can also find her in our tribute to 11 Sexy British Glamour Models

A Tribute to National Stockings Day

Our calendar has been out of sorts, and we damn well almost missed one of our favorite holidays out of the year. It’s called National Stockings Day, and it is a day for all men to bow their heads in honor of one of the simplest, and most sexy accessories found on any woman… Especially […]