Babe Tribute – Alice Goodwin

No doubt you’ll recognize Alice Goodwin; she’s a British glamour model who’s been featured on many covers. In case you don’t know who we are talking about, I’ll do my best to describe her. She is very sexy, has extremely large breast, and does not seem to be particularly fond of wearing a lot of […]

Babe Tribute – Girl on Girl

Looking over the pages of father time, it has been suggested that the rate of girl on girl action (lesbian, bisexual) has been locked at somewhere around 2% for most of human history. Now, what these numbers don’t tell you, is that this lifestyle was strictly forbidden. Today, it has become much more accepting for […]

Babe Tribute – Black Lingerie

Can black lingerie, stockings, a corset, and sexy high heels enhance the look of your bedroom? If they include a hot, long-legged beauty inserted into the above, we have concurred the answer to be… Hell yes! 70 percent of women admit that wearing lingerie turns them on. 63 percent of women want men to buy […]

Babe Tribute – Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk is a Russian model, of whom you may have caught a glimpse of in the 2007 through 2012 Sports Illustrated issues. If not, here’s a little sample of what you’ve been missing!

Babe Tribute – Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci is an Italian fashion model and television personality. The reason you’ve found yourself on this page, is either because you thought her picture was hot, or you happen to know that she illegibly offered up her body in exchange for a job as a showgirl for a public TV company.’ Just imagine what […]

Hottie of the Week – Tanit Phoenix

You might know Tanit Phoenix from films like DeathRace 2 and others, and think you’ll agree this South African model and actress has many talents.

We Love Melanie Iglesias

We here at Urbasm are big fans of Melanie Iglesias. In fact, you might say we are just a few short weeks away from quitting our jobs, sitting around in our underwear, and trying to photoshop naked pictures of her to satisfy our curiosity. However, when we pull aside our testosterone, and connect with our […]

Hotties of the Week – Lingerie Leisurewear

At Urbasm. we have an appreciation for fine things, such as beautiful women and sexy lingerie. Don’t believe us? This is the fourth tribute to lingerie. Lingerie tribute 1, Lingerie tribute 2, Lingerie tribute 3

A Tribute to National Stockings Day

Our calendar has been out of sorts, and we damn well almost missed one of our favorite holidays out of the year. It’s called National Stockings Day, and it is a day for all men to bow their heads in honor of one of the simplest, and most sexy accessories found on any woman… Especially […]