Women We Love – Agent Provocateurs

Minka Kelly- lingerie coat

Ducking in and out of shadows,
Crouching behind false identities,
And making men do what they want them to.

sexy lingerie trenchcoat

An agent provocateur’s greatest asset…
Is a man’s blind desire.

Jessica Ashley - city

Spotting a woman wearing sexy lingerie underneath a trench coat is one of those rare pleasures that you never expect to see, but is quite likely if you pay attention. What are the signs to look for? Look for a woman who is dressed for a special night on the town, but does not seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere special. She might be wearing high heels, stockings, and maybe even a ring, but not much more.

The accessories an agent provocateur relies on are not shimmery in nature. She is not looking to draw attention to her accents featured on the outside of her wardrobe, but rather the mystery that lies underneath. And while she may not make eye contact with you, she wants you to find her.

She wants you to see, to imagine, and dream about what you would do if she gave you the chance. And if you’re lucky enough to spot one of these agents in disguise, don’t point it out to anyone else, because chances are, she has picked you out, and the show is only for you to see.

And believe us, this is a moment that you won’t necessarily want to share.

A peak of lingerie under a trench coat doesn’t just get noticed, it will leave you speechless. And it all has to be done in a subtle way, and once she has your attention, she has you right where she wants.sexy megan fox

It’s not about the overcoat or trenchcoat, but how she teases with just a glimpse of her lingerie, making you want to know more about her.

And a lot of guys might at this point wonder, what would happen if you approached this agent with an invitation to your company?


Do you possess that sort of courage? Because there are many ways to earn the company of a woman simply by the way you ask.

The way you look at her, tease with her, and instill the same kind of desire to find out what it is that you are keeping secret. Maybe you know something about her that she doesn’t think you do.

sexy trench coat lingerie stockings

Or maybe she has stubled upon the one man who can make her desires come true, even if it is for only one evening.

But just remember that a Female Provocateur is not for one man to keep, and she is certainly not for the average man to experience. There is nothing about this woman that is average.

Kayden Kross - sexy coat

It is special to have been chosen out of a crowd. It is lucky that you have looked up at just the right moment to notice her. The question is now:

What are you going to do about it?

sexy trenchcoat

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Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.

About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.