12 Ways to Flirt With Women Using Only Your Body Language

Okay, so you want to flirt more with women, but you maybe just don’t know what to say. Well, you don’t have to say a thing if you know how to allow your body to do the talking for you.

Women may seem to talk a lot, but they gather most of their information about a man by the way he carries himself, sets his presence, and the points of his body he chooses to showcase. If you have been relying on your humor and honest pickup lines to interest women, we invite you to try setting the scene first by using only the power of your body.

Make Eye Contact, But Keep it Brief

One of the first steps to catching a woman’s attention is through eye contact. And while a good 30-seconds is about the length of time to catch a woman’s interest, the key is not to draw out that time in one sitting. We’re talking about one-second here and 2-seconds there. Anytime you look around the room and catch her eye for a brief second, that all counts towards building up enough interest so that when you approach her to speak, there will already be a little spark between the two of you.


A woman is comfortable with herself, so it is only common sense that she will be more comfortable with a man who communicates in a similar manner as her. Women prefer a man who holds his arm in a similar position as hers, sets his drink down in a similar fashion, and even expresses his interest by sitting down next to her with a similar stance. The law of similarity and attraction is very strong, but just try not to overdo it or it will quickly become creepy.


Women love a bruting man, so it should come as no surprise that women are not attracting to a guy who is “Mr. Smiley.” Women like a man who is funny and fun to be with, yes, but they also want him to be calming and mysterious. So, you smile when appropriate, but the rest of the time you should maintain a look of sincerity and interest (in her, particularly).

Own the Place

Women are attracted to alpha males, but this does not mean that women prefer men to be aggressive and dominant. A man should appear comfortable everywhere he goes. In a sense, it could be perceived as if “you own the place,” but you should also demonstrate a sincere respect for the people and things around you. Women are also attracted to men who are not afraid to touch and greet those around them. It shows that you are used to being at the top of the career/food train, and she will be very intrigued by that.

Leave Yourself Open to a Punch

You’ve probably seen those guys at the bar who look like they are ready to take a punch. They are hunched over, arms blocking their internal organs, and chin held tight to the chest. This maybe the best position if you were preparing to take a punch, but it is not the way to invite a woman to have some great conversation. Women like men who appear slightly vulnerable – arms spread out, knees spread and facing towards the crowd as if you do not have a fear in the world.

Dance and Do it Well

Sharna Burgess, from Dancing With the Stars, has told us that a  woman can deduce if a man is confident just by how he displays his moves on the dance floor. A man can become a little cockier in this scenario, so long as you dial it down once you meet her face to face.

Send Her a Plate of Spicy Chicken

Buying a drink is far too cliche for the man who chooses not to play by the rules. And according to Esquire, this chicken thing can work pretty well – and we believe them.

Take the Stage and Do it Better Than Most Men

Similar to good dancing, women like a man who demonstrates he is good at something – better than most other people around him. This could be a demonstration of arm wrestling, debating, comebacks, or insults. Just don’t be a sore loser if you do actually lose, as women like a man who can take a defeat with class and humility.

Linger Around Her Safe Zone, But Don’t Cross it

You never want to cross a woman’s safe zone when you have not been invited. With that said, you should be able to test the waters to find what distance you can lean in while maintaining her comfort level. This shows a woman that you are interested, but also able to read her own body language and are respectful of her space.

Hold Your Ground

A confident woman may invade your space just to see how you are going to react. She may say something shocking, touch you unsuspectingly, or challenge you to your own game that you have previously claimed your dominance over (arm wrestling, debating, etc.). This is a test, as this woman does not want you to back down, submit to her, or treat her any differently as you would any other challenge. So hold your ground, and remember that women don’t always need to be treated “like women”.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone includes all those things we’ve mentioned that you are especially good at. This is a great way to impress any woman, but it is far from the only way. Women also like a man who is not afraid get out of his comfort zone. And while you may think that by doing this you make yourself vulnerable to looking like a fool. It is exactly that kind of confidence that attracts women so feverishly.

Know When to Fold It Up

You may abide by the “never say quit” rule, but a woman is going to respect you more if you do (eventually). There is such a thing as a “bold romantic,” which is a guy in a popular film who fights for the woman he loves no matter how much she pushes back against him. But in the real world, this guy usually loses. He loses because he begins a relationship without any sense of mystery and intrigue. So if you find that these hints of body language fail to get the object of your attention to notice you, it may be better to fold it up. A woman respects a man who is not a quitter, but she’ll respect you more if you do know when to quit.


About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.