7 More Beautiful Instagram Women Explain What They Want in a Man

The last time we asked seven beautiful Instagram women what they wanted in a man, we found out that Abigail Ratchford liked flowers, Abby Parece hates pickup lines, and Sarah Clayton just wants to laugh. So, we really had no idea what Rosie Mac, Sophie Simmons, Syd Wilder, and Julia Lescova were going to say… […]

7 Beautiful Instagram Women Explain What They Want in a Man

What kind of man does it take to get into the dreams of a woman like Abigail Ratchford or Antje Utgaard? Well, that was a question we were very interested to find out, and so we asked several of our favorite Instagram beauties, point-blank: What is it that you really want (or don’t want) in […]

Women We Love – Rosanna Arckle

If you’ve never had the pleasure of being introduced to Rosanna Arckle, we’ve got a treat. You best clean out your mind, as we’re about to dirty it. The 28 year old Aussie model with almost 3 and a half million followers on Instagram makes $3,000 per post. Yup. I washed up like thisssss ☀️???@andi_bagus @angelrileyphotography A […]

Women We Love – Unforgettable

She’s the shadow on a subway, whisper at the park, and delectable scent in line at the grocery store. She’s your boss, teacher and girl next door. She’s the women every man wants – because quite simply… she’s unforgettable.

Abigail Ratchford Tells Us the Inspiration Behind Her 2016 ICONIC Calendar

It is the time of year for improvement and new beginnings, which should always include throwing out your old calendar and getting yourself something more inspirational. We’re talking about something like Abigail Ratchford’s 2016 ICONIC Calendar. Abigail has recreated 13 of the most iconic images from both the past and present and no man will […]

Women We Love – Hilary Rhoda

“No one can really prepare you to be comfortable in front of a camera until you just get out there and do it,” Hilary Rhoda has told the media. But when you look as good as this, is practice really all that much of a necessity? Well, let’s look at a couple of her favorite […]

Women We Love – Odette Annable

Say what? You’ve never heard of Odette Annable? Well, clean out your eyes son, as we’re about to dirty them just a little.

Women We Love – Gentlemen Prefer Style

Men desire a woman of class, independence, and character. She must have a sense of honesty, respect, and of course, style. Fashion may come and go, but a woman of style will always be a gentleman’s preference. And with any luck, if you love her style in the bright of the morning, wait until she […]

Women We Love – Them Boots

It’s starting to get a bit chilly outside. And while women should be covering up with ‘more clothing,’ many of them choose to just wear longer boots. Not that we’re complaining.

Women We Love – With A Touch Of Class

What is a classy woman? Well, she projects herself with confidence and value. She is sexy, but leaves enough to the imagination to remain a mystery to most men. A classy woman is an original mold, meaning that she has developed her own set of values, and would never disregard them for the chance of […]