Women We Love – Georgia Salpa

Born in Athens to an Irish mother and Greek father, Georgia Salpa is the eldest of four children (two sisters, one brother). At the age of four she moved to Dublin where she was raised in the suburb of Killiney. In secondary school she was, in her own words, “a bit of a nerd–always very thin and had really […]

Women We Love – Claudia Sampedro

As much as we’d hate having a woman like Claudia Sampedro leave us. We can’t deny that watching her walk away would be quite enjoyable.

Women We Love – Emily Ratajkowski

Standing in front of a camera is easy. Influencing the lens to fall in love with you is another thing all together. Emily Ratajkowski looks fantastic no matter what pose or outfit she wears. However, we are a little partial to her being in lingerie.  

Women We Love – Jennifer Nguyen

Say what? You’ve never heard of Jennifer Nguyen? Well, clean out your eyes son, as we’re about to dirty them.

Women We Love – Megan Fox

Beautiful women in highly criticized film has been somewhat of a time-honored tradition in Hollywood. We have such classic examples as Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease II, Pamela Anderson in Barbed Wire, and Halle Berry in Catwoman (arguably the worst superhero film ever made). However, the Transformers franchise will hardly go down as one of the […]

Women We Love – Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is suppose to be a woman’s time to relax and be herself. Today, we celebrate every woman’s own unique way of keeping the morning to herself.

Women We Love – Nazanin Mandi

Say what? You’ve never heard of Nazanin Mandi? Well, clean out your eyes son, as we’re about to dirty them.

Women We Love – Emily Ratajkowski

Some women need a huge introduction to help them make a big splash in life. Emily Ratajkowski… only needs her name spoken once, briefly. What a woman.

Women We Love – Natasha Yi

The lovely Natasha Yi is one hot model you may have seen around on the interwebs. From Esquire, FHM, Maxim and more, she has been a model for many of the best. When we first discovered her a few years ago, Natasha Yi was a hot top model that as far as we know started on the import car […]

Women We Love – Alexis Ren

Like a spec of sand to a tropical beach… Alexis Ren is to a bikini.     If you enjoy this post of Alexis Ren, be sure to check out these other posts: Queen of the Hand Bra Women We Love – Ana Cheri Women We Love – Bianca Kmiec Abigail Ratchford – As Naked As […]