Women We Love – Emily Ratajkowski

Standing in front of a camera is easy. Influencing the lens to fall in love with you is another thing all together. Emily Ratajkowski looks fantastic no matter what pose or outfit she wears. However, we are a little partial to her being in lingerie.  

Women We Love – Emily Ratajkowski

Some women need a huge introduction to help them make a big splash in life. Emily Ratajkowski… only needs her name spoken once, briefly. What a woman.

Top 7 Models You Need to Follow on Twitter and Instagram

Part of what makes following a supermodel on Twitter and Instagram worthwhile, is the stunning pictorials that unravel their day to day lives, allowing you to experience life from behind the eyes of a beautiful woman. However, beauty is only skin deep, so when we choose to follow a model, we mostly want to find […]

Babe Tribute – Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is a well traveled artist, fashion model, and actress. She grew up in Ireland, Spain, and Los Angeles. About the only thing she has not done, is be featured in Playboy. However, we have our fingers crossed. Until then…