Happy National Lingerie Day

As you are out and about on this fine day, remember that statistics suggest that six out of every 10 women you pass will be wearing some form of intimate lingerie. That is just one silky, shimmering and transparent sheet of fabric between you and everything you want most in the world. Yeah, it’s going […]

Women We Love – Rebecca Szulc

Rebecca Szulc seems to really enjoy wearing sexy lingerie. And we all seem to enjoy watching her model it. Here is Miss Szulc wearing several different lingerie options, and we have unanimously decided that… we’ll take all four.

Hottie of the Week – Melissa Giraldo

Our newest infatuation is Melissa Giraldo. She is a Colombian export that we just can’t get enough of.

Hottie of the Week – Sandra Valencia

The beautiful Miss Sandra Valencia is everything you could ask for in a Colombian lingerie model. Why, what makes her so special, you say. Well, count the ways…

Hottie of the Week – Jessica Ashley

Jessica Ashley is an exquisite example of a beautiful woman and its easy to see why she was chosen as Playboy’s Miss June of 2014. Jessica Ashley is a common name found on the internet. However, here’s a tip: When you want the THIS Jessica, just Google “sexy Jessica Ashley,” and you can bypass the rest […]

Babe Tribute – Jessica Cediel

A model from  Bogotá , Colombia, we present miss Jessica Cediel. More Jessica Cediel pics

Babe Tribute – Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is a well traveled artist, fashion model, and actress. She grew up in Ireland, Spain, and Los Angeles. About the only thing she has not done, is be featured in Playboy. However, we have our fingers crossed. Until then…

Hotties of the Week – Lingerie

The art of seduction might include many weapons in a woman’s bag of tricks, with few wielding the magnificent powers of lingerie.