Women We Love – Fit and Fine

There’s something to be said about girls that lift, with Fit and Fine in the case of these beauties being our first thoughts. With a taut physique, it’s ‘hard bodies’ like these ladies that can give a guy whiplash.   Also visit Abigail Ratchford As Naked As She Gets for more

Women We Love – 6 Pack and the Gun Show

If you’re a fan of lovely fitness ladies that aren’t afraid to flaunt it, we’ve got you covered. While it was taboo little more than a decade ago and considered unfeminine, things have changed. Nowadays, guys appreciate a fit women with curves over the overly thing. As they say, strong is the new sexy.   Also […]

Fitness Model Laci Kay Somers on Strong Women, Weak Men and Everything In Between

It can be a tough life for a fitness model/actress. They have to make time for photo shoots, auditions, training, filming and social media… To tell you the truth, we don’t know how they find the time for all that in one day. It is a good thing that for us fans of fitness models, […]

Women We Love – Claudia Sampedro

As much as we’d hate having a woman like Claudia Sampedro leave us. We can’t deny that watching her walk away would be quite enjoyable.

Women We Love – Paige Hathaway

Fitness model, Paige Hathaway, has a feminine hardbody look we would support any day.   Check out more fit women, fitness models, fit girls, hot fit women, fit girls  and fitness women.

Women We Love – Fit Women

Can there be such a thing as a fit woman who isn’t hot, or a hot woman who isn’t fit? We asked these 10 fit women to help us with this dilemma. Okay, we are still undecided. We need more research… Okay, we are ready to offer our theory: All fit women are hot; therefore […]

Women We Love – Ana Delia De Iturrondo

Fitness model, Ana Delia De Iturrondo, has been on lots of covers, and to tell you a little secret… we just can’t get enough.

Hottie of the Week – Haley Poston

After we stumbled across miss Haley Jade Poston, we knew we had to share her photo set. She’s a fitness trainer and model that looks to have a bright future.

5-Minutes with Roberta Mancino- Cover Girl to the Extreme

When people refer to Roberta Mancino as a ‘cover’ girl, what they are really saying,  is that you have to learn to take cover if you plan on hanging out with her, as you never know what she’ll have in store for any given day. Mancino has willingly leaped into the blue sky with nothing […]

Babe Tribute – Karina Jelinek

Argentina beauty Karina Jelinek is a popular model in South America. Clearly she has many assets and talents to share, which she’s done with appearances in Maxim and more.