Women We Love – Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Beautiful women in highly criticized film has been somewhat of a time-honored tradition in Hollywood. We have such classic examples as Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease II, Pamela Anderson in Barbed Wire, and Halle Berry in Catwoman (arguably the worst superhero film ever made).

However, the Transformers franchise will hardly go down as one of the worst films in history. In fact, Megan Fox who plays the character, Mikaela Banes, may very well go down as one of the sexiest women of 2009.

Megan describes her character in the Transformers films as a woman who does a lot of “running and screaming.” When she wasn’t either running, screaming, or in really intense portions of the film, doing both at the same time, she was doing what Megan Fox does best… looking sexy-fabulous.

Megan Fox cheer leader outfit

Megan Fox beautiful

Megan Fox transformers leather

Megan Fox topless

Megan Fox supergirl

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