Hottie of the Week – Lee-Ann Liebenberg

Lee-Ann Liebenberg was voted the sexiest women of 2005 by FHM. For 2013, Urbasm graces her with the Fine Wine “Hottie of the Week” Award, which commemorates her success of consistently getting better with age.

Hotties of the Week – High Heels

Happy Thanksgiving. In celebration of the day, and all those Pilgrims and Indians who ate at the same table, only to kill each other an hour later (okay, that may be a rumor), we spent the evening thinking of things we were truly thankful for. And our writer, Max Green, claims he is most thankful […]

Hotties of the Week – Beautiful

I had a guy come up to me today and say, Doc, you pay tribute to all these sexy women, but I bet you don’t have one to show for it? I said, That’s true, I prefer the beautiful ones, and I never date less than nine at one time.

Hottie of the Week – Vanessa Parisi

Italian model Vanessa Parisi can be summed up in a single word… Bella.

Hottie of the Week – Kate Moss

Kate Moss was not always the train wreck she is today. In fact, there was a time when she was actually “hottie of the week”, like she is this week.

Hottie of the Week – Ruvi Bazaz

If you would have told us a year ago that we would be in love with a woman named, Ruvi Bazaz, we would have never believed you. Bazaz is a 24-year old model with a potent combination of brains and beauty. Enough to be considered lethal during a photo shoot. Peruse her sexy pics at […]

Hottie of the Week- Justene Jaro

The beautiful glamour model, Justene Jaro, has her Filipino & Puerto Rican roots to thank for her good looks. And she even has a sister that’s just as hot. Who would’ve guessed (yeah, we did too)?

Babe Tribute – Catrinel Menghia

We’re a fan of Romanian model Catrinel Menghia and her ‘body of work’. More Catrinel Menghia pics Check out this sexy ad she’s done as well

Babe Tribute – Vlada Polak

We don’t know a lot about Vlada Polak but like what we see.

Babe Tribute – Sexy Women

Appreciation of the female figure is something we do not take lightly here at Urbasm. In our pursuit for beautiful and sexy women we bring you another babe tribute.