Babe Tribute – Sexy Women

Appreciation of the female figure is something we do not take lightly here at Urbasm. In our pursuit for beautiful and sexy women we bring you another babe tribute.

The Art of Sexy

Sexy photography is more than a beautiful woman with long legs, a busty brassiere, and a great smile. In takes lighting, a quick eye, steady hand, and sometimes even a little luck (check out the third picture to see what I mean by that). Enjoy the subliminal nature of sexy imagery in 2D.

Hotties of the Week – Tight Dress

The hot tight dress is a fashion statement that says, Look at me… I’m too sexy, and what are you going to do about it? Unfortunately, they also occasionally convey the message, I’m sorry, I’d say something intelligent… but the blood flow is being constricted to my brain. Never-the-less, today we honor all those hard working gals who […]